Sunday, 8 October 2006

contribution to casa heaven (

It's Ramadhan again.
I miss our kopitiam sessions at As-salam every sahur.
I miss every hot topic we discuss to put in 'that blog'.
I miss Nantha the macha.
I miss those old blogs (currently have been closed) that we used to love so much.
I miss those bloggers that we knew since we started blogging.

I still remember the most 'hot entry' that time was the 'bloginson syndrome' from wong ah beng. We used to chat about that entry and have a good laugh since that topic 4 sure 'kene batang hidung sendiri'.

and.. Yes, we used to suffer the worst case of bloginson syndrom at that time. We spent hours in front of our PC's just to modify our blog appearance or made our own blog skin (as u can see it here..this skin is made for hours ok???!)

Suddenly we were expert in HTML and tagging people was very fun that time..that time ok? If u tag me now, no fun lg ok?? Malas dah nak buat tag2 ni..

but mostly..I miss u guys! Nina, Iris, Hana..

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

no more Q's please

I am not working but still..I'm not unemployed. I am heading toward my dream job and this is the only way for me. Unfortunately, not the fastest way.

No more Q's please.
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