Monday, 28 February 2011

Week 34

My dear diary..

Still remember this picture?

My 1st pregnancy portrait taken around December 2008.
(Refer to this post)

And yesterday, I made another one..

My 2nd pregnancy portrait!
I decided to call my Baby K.E as 'My Little Lotus'.

Mommy hope the Doctor was right about you being a girlie girl! :)
Can't wait to buy you lots and lots of pink baby stuffs..
..but it's completely fine with me if you are a boy.
Don't you know,
how lucky I am to have 2 Little Teddies!!

p/s: Will post more pictures later..

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Belated Birthday gift

Dear son..

We are truly sorry..
because we are unable to provide you
any expensive or branded things and toys..

We can't afford to buy you..
the Fisher Price push toys,
or baby GAP clothes..
or even Baskin Robbin ice cream.

Please understand that
your father is the breadwinner of the family.
..and that means life is sometimes hard for us.

..but don't you worry my dear.

We are still able to give you
the one and only thing the world can't give you..
it's L.O.V.E..

Unconditional love from us,
Your Mommy and Daddy..

p/s: Sorry for the belated 2nd birthday gift. Here is your 1st bike..

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Kuching, Sarawak. (Day 3)

Day 3 - 18 January 2011.

Our last day in Kuching.
Checked out from hotel - 10am.

We left our luggage at Tune Hotel for RM2 (per day)
and continue to explore Kuching.
We still had a lot of time to burn before our flight.

Had breakfast at the food court behind the hotel.
Majority it's Chinese restaurant but we found few with 'Halal' logo.

1st destination - 'The famous cat statue'
It's a MUST to have your picture taken there if you visit Kuching.

Then we took a taxi to Satok market (RM15).
It's a very famous weekend market
but since it's Tuesday..
it still open during morning, selling mostly
dried, salted Terubuk (Ikan Terubuk masin)

Bought some Terubuk masin for my mom.

We took a bus back to the Sarawak Museum.
Actually, it's a van with Zone A sticker outside it.
More cheaper, RM1 per person.

Went to the museum (free entry)
and the Warrior Memorial or Heroes Monument
located just behind the museum.

We walked back along the main bazaar
to do some last minute shopping.
Had our last lunch at Winnie's Cafe
and I ordered another 'Laksa Sarawak'..
More yummy then before
with bigger prawn.. Recommended!

Went back to Tune Hotel,
grab our luggage
and took the shuttle back to the airport.

.Journey ended.

More journey to come after this..
but after this, there will be the 4 of us!!

Kuching, Sarawak. (Day 2)

Day 2 - 17 January 2011.

We went out to explore Kuching City Center.
Starting from the hotel,
we went down to the waterfront
and straight to the left..

Enjoying the scenery by the river..
We had a good look of the little boat that we took the night before..
Took some pictures (of course!)

The best way to explore one place is by foot.
The weather was fine,
although it was a bit gloomy with some drizzle..
Better than a hot sunny day that might drain out our energy quickly.

We walked past some old buildings and monuments
Fort Margherita (police museum), Astana and Square Tower
along the riverside.

Across the road (left hand side) is the main bazaar
where you can find a lot of souvenir, Sarawak layer cakes stalls..
Gambir Sarawak (Malaysian viagra? hehe..)
and some exotic wood works.

We went straight along Jalan Gambir and turn left
along Jalan Power to go to India street.

There were a lot of shop lots selling garments and textiles
along the road.

Had our lunch and our Teddy Jr. fell asleep.

Continue our journey after he woke up.
We walked and walked around the town until
we reached the Sarawak Museum.
Unfortunately we were too late by that time.
It's already closed (after 4.30 pm).

I can say it was quite far from our hotel
around 17-25 minutes walking distance.
Didn't really matter since we're enjoying
the beautiful scenery and environment.

We passed by the main bazaar
along our way back to hotel.
Had some good time exploring the souvenir sold there,
bought the Sarawak layer cake,
and Tebaloi - traditional Sarawak's snack made from sago.

.Dinner time.

We took the boat again to cross the river.
Tried 'mee kolok' and 'Milo Dinosour' for drink.

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