Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Kuching, Sarawak. (Day 3)

Day 3 - 18 January 2011.

Our last day in Kuching.
Checked out from hotel - 10am.

We left our luggage at Tune Hotel for RM2 (per day)
and continue to explore Kuching.
We still had a lot of time to burn before our flight.

Had breakfast at the food court behind the hotel.
Majority it's Chinese restaurant but we found few with 'Halal' logo.

1st destination - 'The famous cat statue'
It's a MUST to have your picture taken there if you visit Kuching.

Then we took a taxi to Satok market (RM15).
It's a very famous weekend market
but since it's Tuesday..
it still open during morning, selling mostly
dried, salted Terubuk (Ikan Terubuk masin)

Bought some Terubuk masin for my mom.

We took a bus back to the Sarawak Museum.
Actually, it's a van with Zone A sticker outside it.
More cheaper, RM1 per person.

Went to the museum (free entry)
and the Warrior Memorial or Heroes Monument
located just behind the museum.

We walked back along the main bazaar
to do some last minute shopping.
Had our last lunch at Winnie's Cafe
and I ordered another 'Laksa Sarawak'..
More yummy then before
with bigger prawn.. Recommended!

Went back to Tune Hotel,
grab our luggage
and took the shuttle back to the airport.

.Journey ended.

More journey to come after this..
but after this, there will be the 4 of us!!

6 stalker (s):

  • lily lotus

    dah jadi 4 nanti meriah :)

  • E.d.Y

    seronoknya..xpernah jejakkan kaki ke sarawak lg

  • Rai

    wahh..jelesnyaa..kami dah lama tak bercuti-cuti malaysia..

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    meriah + huru hara. hehe

    seronok.. Malaysia ni masih banyak tempat menarik nak pegi.

    kdg2 mmg kena pegi jalan2. kalau tak nanti sangap dok umah. hehe

  • Ida Fahani

    huhu...hujung bulan nih outstation ke sabah n sarawak...tapi tak tau lar sempat x nak g jalan

  • Pinky Angel

    sempat2kan la bjalan ida. kalau gi sabah tu jgn lupa try seafood dia yg marbeles.. :)

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