Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blog conversion

From now on, I would like to announce that I want to convert my blog to Bahasa Melayu.

Hopefully I will be able to write it fully in Malay as I always find it very hard to accomplish that.

The reason?

1. I'm proud to be a Malay and my own language is unique and beautiful in it's own way.
2. I can express myself more freely and honest as my mind is speaking in Malay, not English.
3. It's a challenge for me!! True enough because it is not easy to write or blog fully in proper Bahasa Melayu without being too formal.

My older post during my blog's early years was in Bahasa Melayu and mixed with English.
I found it a little bit childish with 'Mat rempit elements' here and there. <-- this only apply to my OWN blog post only.
Maybe I'm just too old to write that way since it doesn't seem to show my maturity.

Not to offend anyone because it's perfectly normal to write that way since our daily language is spoken like that ~ Malay with a little bit of English or what we name it as 'Bahasa Rojak'..

that's why I choose to write in English though I can assure you that my English is not good and broken grammar can be found everywhere.

so tell me, how many of you (Malay) say..

"Saya cintakan awak" instead of "I love you" to your loved ones?
"Saya minta maaf" instead of "I am sorry" when you did something wrong?
"Terima kasih" instead of "Thanks"..

..if you did say those 3 sentences in your daily basis you deserve a huge compliment from me.
Honestly, sometimes there are words in Malay are hard to be said out loud and we prefer it in English.
Not sure why

I am just a beginner and will need some practice and help from you (my dear readers) to improve my writing.
Do take note that there are always room for me to learn and I will be more than happy for any feedback

Party Mesra Bersama Kimi Rossi

p/s: This entry will be written in Malay.

Lamanya rasa tak ber blog.
Malas, bukan apa.
Rasanya lagi seronok lompat-lompat blog,
baca blog orang daripada buat karangan untuk blog sendiri.

Ahad lepas sangat seronok
Ada party dengan kawan-kawan lama di UKM (party dalam BM apa? Parti ke? Kenduri?)
Kawan-kawan yang selalu menghiburkan hati
Kawan-kawan yang paling disayangi
Kawan-kawan ber Aerobik (ops..saya dulu pernah jadi Atlet di UKM? macam susah nak percaya sebab saya benci bersukan)

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut sila klik sini untuk ke Blog pengerusi party ~ Saudara Fazdly Mislan

Gambar tambahan,

Para jelitawan negara

Gambar yang diraikan pada hari itu..

"Mommy, bagila saya main kamera tu pulak.."

Ye, anak saya dah ada 4 batang gigi..

p.p.s : Terima kasih kepada kak Lily kerana memberi galakan dan semangat untuk saya menulis blog dalam bahasa ibunda.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New post and another newborn

There are A LOT of things I want to write here.

..but when I click on New Post --- everything went blank.

Forgive me
I will be back with more updates.

Not really in a mood to blog anything.

by the way..

Want to introduce you a new family member,

Kimi's Little Brother
(Kimi dah banyak adik angkat, dia tak perlukan adik lagi.. Bole? hahahhaaa...)

Muhammad Zhoreef Amani bin Zahari.

(Picture source : curik dari FB mommy dia.. hahahahaa)

Born on 10.02.2010. (Nice number!)

Congrats to Mommy Tiqah and Daddy Zaree. 
Welcome to the parenthood club

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New obsession and Newborn

Congrats to my dear friend,


..for her beautiful baby girl, Nur Sofea bt Akmal Zaki. Born on 3 Feb 2010, with the same weight as my baby ~ 2.9kg. (Berat masa dia baru lahir, of course!)


Don't you think she's so lovely? I can't wait to hold hold her in my arms. That Little cutie pie is just as sweet as her mommy..

I haven't got any time lately to update my blog post.

The reason?

Owh.. I have a new obsession.

This is it,


My dream kitchen. I wonder is it still within our budget?

Nice rendering, huh? Done using 3D Home Architect Design Suite Deluxe.
It doesn't need a pro to do it.

Love it!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


At first I want to blog about something..
Something that I wasn't sure either I can still remember it or not

but then I saw somebody online at my YM

It's Elly!

My dear old mate

We had a long conversation..
about life, about phone, camera.. about everything

and she just end our conversation
..and said Good nite

and that little conversation
means a lot to me

Thank you, dear friend
You mean a lot to me

I love you so much!

..and Happy belated birthday to you..

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Weight lost

I am happy because..

yesterday my neighbour told me I looked thin!

"You kuruslah.. Tak makan ke?"


I started my weight lost program in the middle of December last year and until now I manage to lose 4 kg of my weight. My mission will be to lose another minimum of 3 more kg to achieve my ideal weight.

Hopefully it can be done before end of March.

*Hint* Remember this post?

It's a part of my secret project for this year.

P/s: I think I need to buy myself a belt since all my jeans are 'longgar-loggar belaka'. hehehe..
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