Saturday, 29 September 2012

2 months old - Mika

Happy 2 months old, son..

My Little Mika can smiles, coos
And lifts his head for few seconds now.

Weight : 5.3kg

I might be asking too much..

I wish for a house that is always clean.
I wish a good rest and plenty of me-time.
I wish to hang out with my girl friends all day long.
I wish to sit down and sip my coffee slowly, enjoying the aroma first.
I wish to have a little quite time with nobody touching or talking to me.
I wish to maintain my sanity for more than 2 hours.
I wish to go out for a date with Teddy, just the two of us

.. but

I might be asking too much.
And the answer is always the same.


You can't have that.
Not now.
Wait another 16-20 years.

Wahai hati, tabahlah..

P/s : no suggestions like "hire a nanny" please. You don't understand anything unless u are a stay at home mom.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Kami dah berlima sekarang ni.

Saya kadang-kadang tak menang tangan nak uruskan semua sekali.

Rumah sentiasa riuh dengan bukan hanya gelak tawa tapi juga jeritan (saya) dan disusuli dengan tangisan budak.

Jadi ini alasan saya untuk blog yang terbiar sepi.

Minggu lepas kami pergi berkelah di Bagan Lalang.

Minggu sebelum tu kami buat makan-makan dengan keluarga Teddy.

Oh, lupa. Saya potong rambut pendek paras atas bahu selepas hampir ..16-17 tahun lebih berambut panjang. 

Teddy tak tahan dengar saya merayu selama 3 tahun agaknya. hehe.. Tengs sayang!
Hair grows. Nanti baby dah besar, rambut panjang balik dan binimu ini akan cun semula. 
(Harap-harap masa tu dah kurus. hahahaha..)

Sekian entry express dan padat dari saya.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cancer cure

Having 3 small kids definitely is not an easy task.
To juggle between kids and house chores is kinda impossible.
I choose to fullfil the kid's needs 1st then other things. Yeah, chores can wait.

I am busy being a mother now.
Trust me, it's not easy being me.

There are times I let the monster in me out with rage.
..and the tricky part is not to lose all the control since I don't want my kids to be another abused victims seen on TV.

..but most of the times, that monster is beaten just by this..

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

1 month old - Mika

I just got his 1st true smile today!

Finally, a reward for me.. ;)
Thank U dear boy.
Mommy loves u so much.

Weight : 4.2kg

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