Friday, 28 August 2009

Little helper

Life gets much easier when you got some help from a 'Little Helper' like this one in your house.

"You are not doing it right Mommy.. "

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan..

Sempena Ramadhan ni, aku nak buat entry dalam bahasa ibunda aku, bahasa Melayu. Selama ni tulis English bukan apa, nak improve my English je. English aku sangat la tunggang langgang dan sebab tu timbul inisiatif nak tulis blog dalam English. Bukan berlagak or what so ever.

Dulu ada try nak convert balik blog pada BM, tapi tulis half je.. pastu blank. Susah rupanya nak tulis blog dalam BM ni. Mesti kena ada rojak English + BM. Kalau tak, nanti jadi macam karangan sasterawan negara blog aku ni.

Alkisah nak dijadikan cerita bulan Ramadhan, ni Ramadhan pertama aku sambut sebagai seorang ibu.. dan Aidil fitri kali ni mesti lagi meriah sebab sambut dengan budak kechik nyomei bolat2 tu.. Dahla makin buas.

Entry ni takde hala tuju sebenarnya. Main taip je. Bubuh gambar ok gak kan? Takla boring sangat. Let see.. Gambar makanan di bulan puasa?

English breakfast

2 minggu sebelum puasa punya projek. Tiba-tiba ngidam makanan ni. Kacang je buat.

Korang beli baked beans, cendawan butang dalam tin, panaskan je.

Tabur la sket salt and pepper.

Kalau jumpa peeled tomatoes dalam tin buh skali.
Aku tak jumpa, so aku bakar je la tomato segar dlm oven.

Goreng telur, goreng hash brown.

Semua ada kat kedai. Goreng2, siap. Omputih ni mana la se- terror kita nak masak nasik lemak buat sarapan. Semua goreng2, buh salt and pepper je.

English breakfast yang sebenar ada bacon and sausage. Aku punya ni versi vegetarian.

Tapi yang nak berlagak sket kat sini, aku buat sendiri hash brown. Tak susah, rahsia untuk mendapat hash brown yg rangup dan sempurna adalah anda perlu squeeze out all the moisture from the potatoes. Nampak renyah, tapi buat la baru jadik rangup. Kalau tak, mau benyek je jadi bergedil. Baik korang buh kat soto. Resepi sila belek sendiri di internet.

... makanan kedua..

Puding Caramel

..yummy! Malam tadi baru buat. Nak beli kat bazar Ramadhan mahal. Tak puas makan.

Petang ni leh buka puasa dengan puding caramel yg dah disejukkan 1 hari 1 malam. Korang telan air liur je la ye?

Last but not least..

"I see blue.."

(Ni bole makan gak. Geget bahagian perut dan peha)

Friday, 14 August 2009

Port Dickson

We love beaches!

Malaysian beaches are just perfect

A lot of sunlight
Warm water
White sandy beach
Cool breeze
Beautiful scenery (especially sunset)

These are some of my favourite pictures
taken last week at Port Dickson.

Our 3 rooms apartment at Glory Beach Resort

... Me and my Little Teddy ...

... My beloved Teddy(s) ...

... Closed up Little Teddy ... usual, he looked bored
but actually he'll act that way
every time when we brought him to a new surrounding

My intelligent Little boy is in a learning phase
observing new things
absorbing everything

By the way,

I guess it's not too early to wish

Happy Ramadhan everyone!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Old friend and unplanned holiday

Last week I met my old friend, Mimi. We each had a returned visit to our home and dinner together for the first time with our own little families. It's weird to think that both of us are mothers now compared to happy-go-lucky teenagers that we used to be few years back. She was a good friend of mine during matriculation years in Kuala Pilah (2001). We used to share a single bed at night and stayed up telling stories, secrets, hopes and dreams.

Me & Mimi

My Little Teddy was behaving very well at her home until he saw me holding Mimi's baby boy, Muhammad Alif Hazimi. He's clearly shows his jealousy and that really amused us! (Kechik-kechik dah pandai jeles ok??)

Kimi & Alif

Our weekend was a blast due to an unplanned holiday at Port Dickson. At first we were not sure either to proceed it or not but I'm glad that we really made it. We rent a 3 rooms apartment at Glory Beach resort for half price and share it with my sister and brother in law.

Another beach pictures for the 3 of us.. Malaysian beaches are the prettiest, aren't they?

Friday, 7 August 2009

6 months old

My Little Teddy will be 7 months old in less than a fortnight but still I owe you his achievements for this month. I will try my best to record every little things he did so that I won't forget this precious moment.

At the moment, he..

1. Lunges forward

2. Started crawling (biggest achievement so far)

3. Babbling more and more baby words (He's babbling words that suspiciously sound like 'abah' & 'ibu' although we taught him to say 'Daddy' & "Mommy'.. What can I say more, made in UK but pure Malay ok?)

4. has started eating semi-solid food. (I heart this Munchkin Grinder so much!)

5. loves his walker

6. has a very high curiosity level that he will grins and jumps with excitements to see new things placed in front of him.

7. started to stand while holding something.

8. sits without support

9. in a major separation anxiety phase

10. develops more emotions and last night his eyes clearly show that he's green with jealousy when I'm holding other baby ;)

I love every moments I spend with him and will never trade this with anything in this world..

I'm a mom.. and I'm proud of being one.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

New Home

We officially moved in (20 July 09)
It's not 'so new' since this house might have the same age as me


it's just perfect for us

I feel so welcome here

warm and friendly neighbours

near to a beautiful public park

I really love it here!

..will post more picture later..

Tuesday, 4 August 2009



After waiting 15 days to get connected again..

Surprisingly I did survive with flying colours.

Thanks to my little helper in the house.

Will update more soon.

Too much to update.
Don't know where to start.

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