Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Little Mika is here!!

Full name : Mikael Kaiser bin Isa Yassir Arafat.

D.o.b : 29th July 2012.
Weight : 3.4kg
P.o.b : KPMC Punchong.

Monday, 23 July 2012


I love doodling and used to be crazy about having a (pink) Galaxy Note as my toy.
..but then I change my mind due to some reason and grab an S3 instead.

It worths every penny spent and I am totally in love with my new toy.

Some so called 'artwork' I did using s note app + cheap capacitive pen..

16months old Little Lotus

My sweet little girl always amuse me in so many ways.
She's funny and never fail to put a smile on my face in every little things she did.

Yesterday I burst out with laughter when she wanted to join his brother to doodle on her flash card.
She got out from the room and got back in with my capacitive pen in her hand.
My dear.. you can only doodle via phone using that thing!

You can't imagine what kids between her age can do these days.
In her age now she can use my smartphone effordlessly.. unlock, tap on her favourite games, browse on her favourite kids videos, and even doodle using capacitive pen inside the doodle app!
Owh, she even think that my desktop monitor has a touchscreen function.. (now she has already learned that she need the mouse. Hehe)

Elise started to see her big brother as her idol.
She will try to copycat everythings he did.
I love to see their bonding getting stronger each days.
True, having kids meant higher responsibility and lots of hard works.. but it's paid with kisses and laughters.
I never felt alone anymore. Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah for a house full of people I love.

My Little Peanut is going to join us in any time.
I am going to call him (yeap, it's a boy!) Baby M for now. Will declare his name after he is born later.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Teddy Jr. (3 years 6 months old)

Rossi on bike..

It has been 3 years and a half..
My Dear Teddy Jr. is now a brilliant young boy. He..

1- talks and asks a lot of questions. Series of Q's. Most of them I can't answer properly like..

"Mommy, planet tu apa?"
"Err.. benda bulat yang besar dekat universe ni. Ada planet yg ada penduduk, macam sekarang kita tinggal kat planet yang namanya bumi"
"Bulat tu apa? bumi tu apa?"
"Bulat tu macam bola.. Bumi tu tempat tinggal kita ni." (I started to sound ridiculous)
"Bola tu apa?"
"Bola tu benda yg abang Oci main tendang2 ngan Elise tu la.." (Pointing to his ball)
"Tendang tu apa?"  ..and his questions will started to pile up until I gave up. 

2- can be very polite at times..

He says "please" (in BM) when he wants something and "thank you" when he got it. I just can't resist his demand when he did that.
Throws rubbish in dustbin and not litter anywhere. 
Helps me clean the house by tidying up his own toys in the dedicated basket.

3- is more focus in things he do.

He will stay in front of the tv without moving around watching his favourite show. In the mean time, he loves Boboi Boy, Jack & the Neverland Pirates and he loves Captain Hook funny character. 
Loves puzzles.

4- is more independent and a caring big brother.

Teddy Jr. never bother me at the kitchen when I am busy cooking. Sometimes he will only comes in and asks "Mommy masak apa tu?" and again after few minutes, "Dah siap ke Mommy?"
He guides his Little sis, Elise on how to play the toys. 
He even tries to calm crying Elise by saying "Janganlah nangis Elise.. Abang kan ada.."
Calls himself "Abang" instead of Oci (Rossi).

5- made his Daddy as his ultimate idol.

He always wants to be like Daddy. He will only wears shirt and jeans and refuse t-shirt without collar.
Daddy always wears shirt to work. Jeans at home.

6- made me proud everyday..

..and today he is almost 24 hours diaper's free!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Family

L.O.V.E them so much!!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

15m old ++ Little Lotus

This adorable young lady has her own personality now.

She's funny and will melt everyone's heart with her smiles.
Can says few words and 'mama' is her 1st word. Other than that.. "day" for daddy (used to pronounce it as "di..day".. terbalik. Hehe).. "dah", "nak", "air".. and err.."boboy boi"..
She loves cookies and I love to call her, 'my little eating machine'.

Still puts 2 fingers in her mouth and rub her other hands to my clothes (or any fabric near her including her own) to calm herself/sleep. I found that behaviour is kinda cute.

Understand almost every words and respond to my simple directions like "jom mandi" or "nak makan?" With nods and even tried to undress herself if I mention the word "mandi".
Really2 loves books. She understands and remembers objects in it and applied it in real world. She 'moos' and 'meows' when she saw cows n cats. What a brilliant little girl she is.. make me proud everyday.

Ok, enough for now. Will try to update more about her later.. Meanwhile, Teddy Jr. is a caring big brother and now I can rely on him to take care of his sister. Love both of you so much!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Some updates, perhaps? (Langkawi)

Okay, I'm kinda surprise that the 'new post' in blogger is changed to a different new look. How long did I actually take my time to write something? Pinch me please..

I know it's unfair to my beloved Little Lotus since I didn't update her baby milestones achievements like I did previously with Teddy Jr. Having 2 toddlers at home is a real challenge and I need to choose what is more important. To juggle between house chores, kids need, and my own me-time is getting more difficult.

(Hey, stop babbling nonsense or else this thread won't be published at all!)

Photo blogging time!!

22nd June 2012 
LCCT - Langkawi airport.. The arrival.

23rd June 2012
Morning. Twin Peaks Resort.

Around 11 am..  Dataran Lang

3pm ++
Tanjung Rhu Beach (Cloudy after the rain)


7.30pm ++
Restaurant Nelayan

24th June 2012
Pantai Kok & Petronas Quay

Phew.. done!! 

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