Thursday, 19 July 2012

Teddy Jr. (3 years 6 months old)

Rossi on bike..

It has been 3 years and a half..
My Dear Teddy Jr. is now a brilliant young boy. He..

1- talks and asks a lot of questions. Series of Q's. Most of them I can't answer properly like..

"Mommy, planet tu apa?"
"Err.. benda bulat yang besar dekat universe ni. Ada planet yg ada penduduk, macam sekarang kita tinggal kat planet yang namanya bumi"
"Bulat tu apa? bumi tu apa?"
"Bulat tu macam bola.. Bumi tu tempat tinggal kita ni." (I started to sound ridiculous)
"Bola tu apa?"
"Bola tu benda yg abang Oci main tendang2 ngan Elise tu la.." (Pointing to his ball)
"Tendang tu apa?"  ..and his questions will started to pile up until I gave up. 

2- can be very polite at times..

He says "please" (in BM) when he wants something and "thank you" when he got it. I just can't resist his demand when he did that.
Throws rubbish in dustbin and not litter anywhere. 
Helps me clean the house by tidying up his own toys in the dedicated basket.

3- is more focus in things he do.

He will stay in front of the tv without moving around watching his favourite show. In the mean time, he loves Boboi Boy, Jack & the Neverland Pirates and he loves Captain Hook funny character. 
Loves puzzles.

4- is more independent and a caring big brother.

Teddy Jr. never bother me at the kitchen when I am busy cooking. Sometimes he will only comes in and asks "Mommy masak apa tu?" and again after few minutes, "Dah siap ke Mommy?"
He guides his Little sis, Elise on how to play the toys. 
He even tries to calm crying Elise by saying "Janganlah nangis Elise.. Abang kan ada.."
Calls himself "Abang" instead of Oci (Rossi).

5- made his Daddy as his ultimate idol.

He always wants to be like Daddy. He will only wears shirt and jeans and refuse t-shirt without collar.
Daddy always wears shirt to work. Jeans at home.

6- made me proud everyday..

..and today he is almost 24 hours diaper's free!

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