Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010..

Today is the last day of 2009

..will surely remember this year
especially on the early January 2009

a venue that change my life termendously
from a wife, to another higher level - A MOM

15 January 2009
We were welcoming our new family member
~ Our precious Little Teddy..

Time seems to travel so fast

and now we are about to leave 2009


I want to announce that

1. I am working on 2 secret projects, waiting to be launched..

 (Won't tell you anything or else it will not be a secret anymore)

"Uuuu.. My Mommy got a secret..!!"

2. Seriously,

I want to cut down
those extra fat
bulging everywhere beneath my skin..

No, I don't want my pre-pregnancy weight.
Already got it months before..

I want my 1st trimester pregnancy weight, can I?
I lost a total of 7-8 kgs during that time
Thanks to morning + home sickness

(Us at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk UK ~ Little Teddy was 12 weeks old)

Didn't I look skinnier that time?



2 missions to be done on 2010

Hopefully everything will go smoothly according to plan


Welcome 2010..

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2nd Anniversary series - Part 1

On our Anniversary night
(22nd December 2009),
we had our dinner at Look Out Point, Ampang

That place was special to us
as we used to go there to see the beautiful KL's night view

We even celebrated 2008 new years celebration there
We saw several fireworks scattered around KLCC when the clock touch 12
Great view from up there

View from our table

Fish fingers for starter (RM11 ++)

Grilled salmon with pasta for Teddy (RM21 ++)

Sizzling BBQ Steak for me (RM 19++)

I always love to dine there

The foods were marvellous
The view was breathtaking
The services were great

but what made it extra special was
to share it with the ones I love the most

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


" Mommy, can I get into the water now?? "

Monday, 28 December 2009

Kimi @ Penang

As promised,
here are some of my Little Teddy's pictures

(with Nenek..)


(with Daddy..)


(at the hotel..) 


In less than a month we will be celebrating
his 1st birthday!

(Get ready to read this over-used phrased..)

"  How fast time flew.."

He's getting bigger,
more adventurous,
and of course
more charming than ever

He makes me proud everyday


I am so in love now

I love being a mom

I love you my Little sweetheart..
I love you my dear Teddy

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2nd Anniversary

22 December 2007 ~ 2009

(Credits to Ely, the photographer)

It's our

2nd Anniversary

May God bless us always

(Credits to cik A'an, for the photo and editing)

and good fortune
and more happinest

and most important of all
more and more LOVE!!

To my dearest Husband,

Nothing can describe
how much I LOVE YOU


I carry your heart
I carry it in my heart

Friday, 18 December 2009

Salam Hijrah 1431

Sempena Maal Hijrah tahun ini, aku dengan rajinnya meng 'hijrah' kan template blog pada layout yang baru.

Ye, saya tau. Buruk.

Means, more work to be done.

Salam Hijrah everyone!!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Another wedding

Last weekend we (both Teddys, my mom and I) went to Parit Buntar for my beloved friend's wedding, Sabil. She whom I know so funny and always got us to burst into tears, laughing our heart out to her stupid jokes during our Uni days. Those were the days I will never forget.

It's surprising when she chose PINK for her wedding theme. Oh my, I looked weird again wearing blue in a pink wedding. (Terbalik dengan Nia la pulak kan??)

We stayed a night at Tune Hotel, Penang. That was the 1st time I've been in Penang. (Dah tua-tua umur 26 thn baru nak sampai Penang? isk..isk..isk.. Kesian.. ) ..and of course, that means I saw the famous Penang bridge for the 1st time in my life. Quite disappointed when it turns out not like what I have expected. I thought it's an old antique bridge, similar to London Tower Bridge. Hahahaa.. I know. Silly me.

Went to Batu Feringgi beach and had Nasi Kandar for Dinner and Lunch. Cheaper and yummier than any Nasi Kandar I have ever tasted. I even gave my compliments to the restaurant's owner. Hehe..

Will upload more pictures of my Little one later.

Looking forward for next weekend. 22nd December ~ It's our 2nd anniversary!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pencarian Model Berkeluarga

Came across this while stalking Didie's blog. Owh, yes. I always been a silent reader a.k.a stalker in her blog ( and some other blogs too.. hehe )

Hope I'm not too late to join this contest.

Here it goes..

There.. the 3 of us.

Kepada saudara n@m@n, harap maaf kerana..

.. last minute entry. Dah masuk 10 December pun. Boleh accept lagi ke?
.. 1st timer join any contest. Kalau ada salah silap harap maaf
.. since my blog is 'the old style blogger' dan tak berapa rajin nak upgrade to the new blogger, maka nak edit sidebar adalah agak tedious dan menyusahkan sebab tak boleh nak drag and drop any widget.. but still, I already became 1 of your follower. Love your blog by the way!

I want to join this contest because I really love photography. Cam whoring is apart of my hobby but sadly we don't have a DSLR. Yes, we do have a good 'bridge-camera' but the outcome wont be that perfect since it's taken from a tripod. I desperately want our pictures shot by a professional photographer.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for reviewing my entry.. ;)

Monday, 7 December 2009

Nia's wedding & 10 months old

Last Saturday we went to our dear friend, Nia's wedding.

She was (and always) so lovely in her wedding dress..

..the only downside was..

why there wasn't any one told me that the themes for that day WEREN'T PINK???

Nia is totally a pink freak, just like me and I'm surprise to find out she chose blue instead of PINK.. hehe

Credits to Fyza, my ex-house mate (the one holding Kimi) and her DSLR,
"Kamera mahal kau buat aku nampak lebih jelita" hehehe..

As usual, cam whoring is a must! Hehe..
Here are some of my favourite shots..

My oh my.. it's just another 1 week left before my Little Teddy turns 11 months old. I still owe you his achievements. I'm sorry. I guess having a baby at this age won't allow any mom to have their leisure time without worrying what unexpected things the baby will do next.

The only free time for me is just during mid night, 12.00-3.00 am when my little rascal is deep in his slumber land. A huge relief for me and I treasure my me-time with things I love the most ~ exploring & experimenting with my newly added 3gb RAM laptop. Finally, my Vista feels like XP!

10 months old

My Little Teddy..

1. plays peek-a-boo

2. stands alone for longer time.. around 10-11 seconds

3. puts object into container

4. knows how to climb down the bed (leg first, not head!)

5. more clingy than ever, especially with his Daddy. "Siapa suruh pegi Bangkok lama-lama aritu?"

6. mumbling more unrecognised words (membebel phase)

7. imitates some of our movements ~ he puts things near his ears and talks, pretending to answer the phone after he saw me doing that. Cute!!

8. 'dances' (moves his upper body and hands, jumps when he's standing) to his favourite songs

9. wants and grabs everything that we eat

10. prefer my laptop and hand phone than his moving + attractive + colourful baby toys.

I learnt that baby's laughter is very contagious and he never fails to put a smile on my face with no effort at all. Priceless yet magical feeling that brings warmth to my heart every time I look at him.

My Little Teddy,

Mommy loves you so much!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


My Dear Diary,

I still owe you 1 entry
Will try my best to publish it before 15 December 09
It's My Little Teddy 10 months old milestone

I consider this as a reminder for me

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