Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pencarian Model Berkeluarga

Came across this while stalking Didie's blog. Owh, yes. I always been a silent reader a.k.a stalker in her blog ( and some other blogs too.. hehe )

Hope I'm not too late to join this contest.

Here it goes..

There.. the 3 of us.

Kepada saudara n@m@n, harap maaf kerana..

.. last minute entry. Dah masuk 10 December pun. Boleh accept lagi ke?
.. 1st timer join any contest. Kalau ada salah silap harap maaf
.. since my blog is 'the old style blogger' dan tak berapa rajin nak upgrade to the new blogger, maka nak edit sidebar adalah agak tedious dan menyusahkan sebab tak boleh nak drag and drop any widget.. but still, I already became 1 of your follower. Love your blog by the way!

I want to join this contest because I really love photography. Cam whoring is apart of my hobby but sadly we don't have a DSLR. Yes, we do have a good 'bridge-camera' but the outcome wont be that perfect since it's taken from a tripod. I desperately want our pictures shot by a professional photographer.

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for reviewing my entry.. ;)

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