Monday, 7 December 2009

Nia's wedding & 10 months old

Last Saturday we went to our dear friend, Nia's wedding.

She was (and always) so lovely in her wedding dress..

..the only downside was..

why there wasn't any one told me that the themes for that day WEREN'T PINK???

Nia is totally a pink freak, just like me and I'm surprise to find out she chose blue instead of PINK.. hehe

Credits to Fyza, my ex-house mate (the one holding Kimi) and her DSLR,
"Kamera mahal kau buat aku nampak lebih jelita" hehehe..

As usual, cam whoring is a must! Hehe..
Here are some of my favourite shots..

My oh my.. it's just another 1 week left before my Little Teddy turns 11 months old. I still owe you his achievements. I'm sorry. I guess having a baby at this age won't allow any mom to have their leisure time without worrying what unexpected things the baby will do next.

The only free time for me is just during mid night, 12.00-3.00 am when my little rascal is deep in his slumber land. A huge relief for me and I treasure my me-time with things I love the most ~ exploring & experimenting with my newly added 3gb RAM laptop. Finally, my Vista feels like XP!

10 months old

My Little Teddy..

1. plays peek-a-boo

2. stands alone for longer time.. around 10-11 seconds

3. puts object into container

4. knows how to climb down the bed (leg first, not head!)

5. more clingy than ever, especially with his Daddy. "Siapa suruh pegi Bangkok lama-lama aritu?"

6. mumbling more unrecognised words (membebel phase)

7. imitates some of our movements ~ he puts things near his ears and talks, pretending to answer the phone after he saw me doing that. Cute!!

8. 'dances' (moves his upper body and hands, jumps when he's standing) to his favourite songs

9. wants and grabs everything that we eat

10. prefer my laptop and hand phone than his moving + attractive + colourful baby toys.

I learnt that baby's laughter is very contagious and he never fails to put a smile on my face with no effort at all. Priceless yet magical feeling that brings warmth to my heart every time I look at him.

My Little Teddy,

Mommy loves you so much!

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