Friday, 26 June 2009

5 months old

My adorable Little Teddy is 5 months old ++ now. He..

1. Can sits momentarily without support

"I'm going to fall any second.."

2. Mouth everything within reach (including his baby cot ~ picture below)

"Get me out of here!!"

3. Can rolls over in both directions.

"Ops.. Did I just slipped out from the mattress?"

4. Lunges backward, not forward

5. Blows saliva bubbles (menyembur)

(He's blowing saliva to my face while lunges backward in this video)

5. has been brainwashed everyday to say 'Mommy' during days by me, and 'Daddy' at night by Teddy.

"Stop it Daddy, you are hurting my brain! I will say it when I'm ready.."

6. has strangers anxiety only if he could not see me or Teddy around.

"I want Mommy!!"

7. loves to arch his back

"You can't do this right Mommy, can you?"

8. still exclusively breastfeeding (directly) and rejects bottles.

9. has not started eating semi-solid foods

10. getting more adorable than ever!

Photos of the day

"Yo!! Yo!! What's up man.."

Now let's Zoom out further..


update : congrats to Valentino ROSSI for his 100th victory!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

ZooM MaLaysia..

Hello there diary!!

I feel so alive now. Happier and not to mention, that means more weight added. *sigh*

We were on a good vacations for the last 2 weeks. Cuti-cuti Malaysia. What more can I say, there are a lot of beautiful places here in my very own country crying to be explored. I started to be more patriotic after leaving Malaysia last year. "Gold rain in other country, hail shower in own country". (Sounds a bit stupid after been translated directly from Malay phrases. hehe..) Please don't blame me for behaving this way. ;p

(13-15 June 2009)

Zoom Kuantan & Terengganu


Our 1st vacation with this little guy..

We did our favourite sunset photoshoot at Pantai Teluk Chempedak. It's naturally looks blue in camera and did not need any editing for the background.

.. this picture below was taken somewhere in 2007 at the same place. Pantai Teluk Chempedak during sunset. I love this shot! Something missing? Hehehe.. Yes, Kimi's not there. Just the 2 of us bercanda di tepian pantai ;p


We love beaches! Here we were at Pantai Batu Buruk. Our Little Kimi didn't seem to enjoy this very much and looked bored. I know, I know.. Wait till you are old enough to stand and run with your own little feet before you are allowed to play with the water there. Hehe.. Grow faster my little one!

Exhausted Little Kimi

Our vacation didn't end there.

(21 June 2009

Ulu Yam

We celebrate Father's day with Teddy's family. Everything was so great except Teddy forgot to bring his camera. These photos were taken using my phone cam. A bit blurry but enough for us to capture our memories there.

We were having a blast swimming in that deep water for a while until we realize there was a sign saying "Danger area. Swimming are not allowed". The sign was just above our picnic area. hehe.. Uhh.. No wonder the water was so deep there. I could not feel the ground under my feet in certain places. Hehe..

Photo of the day

"I love to pull Mommy's hair.. "

Friday, 19 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

To Teddy / Daddy,

Thanks for your love
Thanks for always being there for us
Thanks for your patience
Thanks for your concern

Thanks for being a great husband
and Daddy to our son

Thanks for being YOU

Happy Father's Day!!

Hugs and kisses from us,

Little Kimi and Mommy

We LOVE you always..

Friday, 12 June 2009

Kimi's Little Brothers

Congrats to my dear friends, Mimi Adilla and Annie Suziana for their newborn baby boy. It's amazing how Kimi changes my interest about babies. My nyanyaws (cats) that used to be my babies are now just cats. I'm grateful for that feeling and it is a part of me that made me a woman.

To Mimi,

Congrats on your newborn, Aliff Hazimi (19 May 2009).
Can't wait to see you and that little guy! He sure is as cute as you..

To Annie,

Muhammad Sufyan Hadi (31 May 2009) will grow up to be a handsome young man!

Photos of the day

Newborn baby Kimi, few hours after birth.. (2.9 kg)

..after 4 months ++ (7.1 kg)

"Help, Mommy!! I'm stuck.."

"I'm too sexy for my diapers.."

Monday, 8 June 2009

Home sweet home

Okay, I'm done sulking. All of you are forgiven for not coming to my Little Kimi's Akikah. hehe.. I'm glad that now I'm back in Puchong. Home sweet home. Nothing's better than to have Teddy back at my side. It seem to be the longest 1 month ever without him.

Yesterday was Kimi's 4 months check up. He almost missed it since he will be 5 months next week. He's now weighing 7.1 kg. Every little thing he did now really amuse me. It's fascinating to watch how my baby grows. He laughs hysterically at my silly face, throws tantrum when bored, tries to mouth almost everything, starting to love his baby car seat, alert with his surrounding and the most greatest achievement of all - rolls over!

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