Wednesday, 27 January 2010

1st birthday party

It was held at his Grandma's place in Batu Pahat.
My mom made a special request to celebrate her 1st grandson's birthday there.

Special thanks to my sister for being the party planner,
Not to forget my dearest friends Shu & Fara (with their fiance) for coming.

It was a success and I'm glad to see my son's cheerful face during the party although he's too young to understand the event.
It's your birthday, son!
Your very first birthday..

Here are some of the pictures..

Here I present you the Birthday Boy, Little Rossi on bike (Credit to Zul for the bike)

Monday, 25 January 2010

HDR using photoscape

I treasure good photos
I admire them as they speak louder than words
sometimes they seem dramatic in their own way

I have no DSLR
really want to have one
been put under wish list like forever

since budgets are so tight these days
I got myself a replacement for that thing
- something called 'photo-editing skills'
Free of charge, of course but it takes a lot of effort

Here is a very simple tutorial (a reminder for me actually)
on how to achieve a HDR-like picture
using a free editing software ~ Photoscape

1. Download and install Photoscape.
2. Run it and click on Editor
3. Click on the picture you wish to edit
4. Click the small arrow beside backlight button
5. Click on +200%. Play around with the value until you get your final result.

HDR images are so vibrant and they create a 'mysterious-drama-look' in a photo.
You'll actually need a good DSLR, combine at least 3 multiple photos with different exposure to achieve it.

oh, I'm not a Pro to talk about this and let Mr. Google do the explanation for you.
I might give the wrong info.

For clearer result, here are some of my (fake) HDR images using Photoscape..

The Famous London Tower Bridge

Romantic dream vacation for love birds, Tour Eiffel Paris

Beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland

Amazing sculpture ~ Angel of The North, Gateshead England

The prehistoric monument ~ Stonehenge, England

last but not least..

my favourite photo of all

Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

Credits to my hubby and his camera for all of these lovely photos
taken from our own journey through out the world

Sunday, 24 January 2010

.The Pool.

This is a part of my 2nd Anniversary series but I put it under 1 special entry due to too many pictures.

"I'm bored.. Have you done taking my pictures Daddy?"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

2nd Anniversary series - Part 4

This anniversary entry might be too long to read but..
I want it to be complete as I never want to forget it

I don't want it to be just like the one I wrote
about our London trip was like..

"What??! That's all I have to write after spending some GREAT time there?"

It's one of my favourite journey as I finally manage to capture one of my childhood dream to be there.
Not good. I might forget few important little details that made it so special., this is it. Few series of unforgettable journey that I put into words and pictures.

Sila la baca sampai muntah.

.The Room.

Overall.. spacious and comfy

except for cleanliness at some place has been taken for granted.
Our verandah was dusty!
..but I don't mind that as long as the bedroom and toilet are well-maintained.

You got to choose either to have the mountainside or Market Square view

We got the mountainside view
which is great since we got a baby

Market square is more happening but the loud noise
which come from the club nearby won't let my baby sleep peacefully

Front desk & room service : 2 thumbs up

.The Foods.

Starter : Smoked salmon salad (RM22++)

Main course : Grilled beef with chips (RM18++)

Simple yet delicious.

Costly? Yes, absolutely.
We got no choice.

Here is a reminder for you who plan to go there..

Bring your own food
 if you are afraid to spent more than RM35 per person.
There is no McD of KFC or even cheap food stalls there

Buffet dinner was RM55 per person
A humble cup of tea can cost you RM8

The breakfast was superb!!
Variety of foods to choose from Cheese to nasi lemak

.The Environment.

One of the reason we went there was
to feel the nice, cold high altitude climate
somehow I felt a bit dissappointed
because it wasn't feel that way

Global warming might be culprit to cause that

so.. say no to plastic bags on Saturday!!
( tiba-tiba je kan? )

It's weird to see those people with their cardigan and sweater
maybe they want to 'look cool' in their pictures

Here are some of my favourite pictures
..owh, I'm not done yet.
More reviews to come after this

Forgot to mention something
If you really want to take good pictures
Please don't come during peak season
You'll end up frustrated to see someone else in your background

Us there..

I looked fat

.I know.

need to do something about that..

p/s: My Little Dynamo is down with fever. Hopefully he'll get well soon. It's really heart-wrenching view to see your loved one in pain. Mommy loves you, my dear..

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

2nd Anniversary series - Part 3

This entry is a bit outdated

since I have been asked by a dear friend (cik Shu)
to give some honest review about this place

(so that she can consider this place as an option
for her honeymoon later.. hehe)

I am more than glad to do it

Here is it..

Date : 25 December 2009
(We celebrate our Anniversary every Christmas!)

Place : Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

Our One Bedroom Suite

Cost us RM352 per night (peak season)


"Siapa suruh kawen time cuti sekolah?"

Some scenery views at the French-theme resort

Cost us RM10 per entry

This wood-frame buildings, was built
just like the original Colmar, Alsace France


image source : Wikipedia

us there..

More reviews to come

will update later

be prepared for some lag due to lots of photos

Monday, 18 January 2010


"I wonder what will happen if I squeeze this thing.." 

Friday, 15 January 2010

1st Birthday

My Dear Diary

Today is a very special day
an important date to remember

It's my Little Teddy's 1st Birthday!!

15 January 2009 ~ 2010

 Happy Birthday, dear..

We love you so much!!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

11 months old

Yes, my dear diary. I know. My Little One will be blowing his 1st birthday candle this Friday and yet I still owe you his 11 months old milestone. It's important to keep track of his achievements as I don't want to forget this beautiful moments, watching him grows every day..

At the moment, he..

  • amazed me by putting both hands together and clap! Yeayy.. Big applause for you, my dear..

  • claps,waves and sometimes jumps to his favourite music/cartoon
  • points at object with that cute little finger
  • matches lids with appropriate container
  • empties containers and drawers than put back things inside it after being told so
  • understands few simple instructions like "Can mommy have that?" 
  • interacts well when I read him a book and did the leafing through the pages
  • enjoys playing with switches and quickly checking the light/fan either it's on/off after flicking the switch
  • is more clingy with his Daddy (which is completely OK for me as I'm too tired to entertain him all day)

  • still don't have the courage to stand or walking. It's ok my dear, I will help you to build your confidence day by day.. 

  • becomes attached to Ca'ung, his soft animal toy. 

  • has a teeth! It's finally came out.. Don't bite mommy, okay dear?

My Little Teddy,

Make Mommy and Daddy proud
Grow up healthily my dear son

You sure are a brilliant young man
Little sunshine
that is bright enough
to put a smile on every faces around you

We love you, son!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Tagged by Sue

I have left this tagging game long time ago but since I was tagged by the sweetest person I ever knew, Puan Suraya.. I decided to do it. 


1. First time jumpa with your hubby bila and kat mana?  
    SAMURA, 1999. 

2. Love at first sight? 

      No and Yes. 

      (No) He's my senior at SAMURA. 
      Nak kena tumbuk ngan akak-akak senior ke ngorat senior putera? 

      (Yes) 1st met after 5 years apart.
      My heart stop beating for a few seconds when I lay my eyes on him for the 1st time.
      Still fresh in my mind when he came to pick me up in front of my condo.. 
     That black leather jacket and big bike suit him well

3. Who is he when the first time u met him? 
    Told you. He's my senior.. 

4. How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
    Errr.. 5 years?

5. First place dating di?

    The Mines, Big Mac at Mc D, and movie..Bewitched 

That picture was taken during our 1st date (14 Aug 2005)

6. How he proposed?

     Not sure. He asked me to marry him from day 1 we became steady.

7. Special date with your hubby?
    Paris. No doubt. It's the most romantic city in the world 
    and I'm glad to be there with the person I love the most.

8. Changes that he asked you to do?


9. What is about him that you love so much?

    Broad shoulder, cute butt, sexy legs and his dimples
     He's the most handsome man alive, don't you think so? hehe

10. What is about him that u wish he would change?


11. You will lose your mind n crack your head when he? far away from me

12. You will smile tru your eyes for the whole day when he?

   ..said "I yeb yu.."

13. complete below sentences "My love towards my hubby is as big as...? 

     (can't find any perfect word. Love is unmeasurable) 


I Yeb Yu, my dear Teddy bear..

You are the best husband in the world!!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

2nd Anniversary series - Part 2

Date : 23rd December 2009
Place : Self-Pick Strawberry Farm (Genting Highland)
Admission : Free

It costs us RM8 per 100gm of strawberries

They weren't so sweet and not in perfect shapes
Hot climate might be the reason for that

The farm was quite big, but unfortunately
only 1 small section was open to public

Overall experience?

Minus all the downsides..

We had a great time there
The time we spent together
worth every minute



It's just another perfect day out for the 3 of us

Burnt Modem

My modem went kaput

That's why I wasn't seen online for the past 3 days
I was so harsh on my modem
put on heavy duty mode for 24/7

Thank God
for my dusty old modem

I was given a second chance..

Note : It was a complete torture without internet
Furthermore, I am now suffering from insomnia
Internet seems to be my best solution?

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