Thursday, 21 January 2010

2nd Anniversary series - Part 4

This anniversary entry might be too long to read but..
I want it to be complete as I never want to forget it

I don't want it to be just like the one I wrote
about our London trip was like..

"What??! That's all I have to write after spending some GREAT time there?"

It's one of my favourite journey as I finally manage to capture one of my childhood dream to be there.
Not good. I might forget few important little details that made it so special., this is it. Few series of unforgettable journey that I put into words and pictures.

Sila la baca sampai muntah.

.The Room.

Overall.. spacious and comfy

except for cleanliness at some place has been taken for granted.
Our verandah was dusty!
..but I don't mind that as long as the bedroom and toilet are well-maintained.

You got to choose either to have the mountainside or Market Square view

We got the mountainside view
which is great since we got a baby

Market square is more happening but the loud noise
which come from the club nearby won't let my baby sleep peacefully

Front desk & room service : 2 thumbs up

.The Foods.

Starter : Smoked salmon salad (RM22++)

Main course : Grilled beef with chips (RM18++)

Simple yet delicious.

Costly? Yes, absolutely.
We got no choice.

Here is a reminder for you who plan to go there..

Bring your own food
 if you are afraid to spent more than RM35 per person.
There is no McD of KFC or even cheap food stalls there

Buffet dinner was RM55 per person
A humble cup of tea can cost you RM8

The breakfast was superb!!
Variety of foods to choose from Cheese to nasi lemak

.The Environment.

One of the reason we went there was
to feel the nice, cold high altitude climate
somehow I felt a bit dissappointed
because it wasn't feel that way

Global warming might be culprit to cause that

so.. say no to plastic bags on Saturday!!
( tiba-tiba je kan? )

It's weird to see those people with their cardigan and sweater
maybe they want to 'look cool' in their pictures

Here are some of my favourite pictures
..owh, I'm not done yet.
More reviews to come after this

Forgot to mention something
If you really want to take good pictures
Please don't come during peak season
You'll end up frustrated to see someone else in your background

Us there..

I looked fat

.I know.

need to do something about that..

p/s: My Little Dynamo is down with fever. Hopefully he'll get well soon. It's really heart-wrenching view to see your loved one in pain. Mommy loves you, my dear..

5 stalker (s):

  • eyes143..

    chanteqnya scenery tmpt neh..
    teringin nk g laa...

  • lily lotus

    the scenery adalah sangat awesome :)...macam kat obersea gitu...get well soon yer lil boy!

  • Pinky Angel

    cantek gak la.. tp tak byk aktiviti leh buat kat sana. amek2 gambar je la kot..

    sis lily,
    ala2 france la katakan. cantik gakla bangunan2 dia. so, bila nak gi sana? hehe..dekat je lagipun.
    tq for ur concern!

  • tujuhhariseminggu

    wah, kelihatan lazat makanan ittew... bila ko sebut verandah, tetiba aku terimejin vanidah imran di beranda... :p

  • Pinky Angel

    verandah..vanidah imran di beranda. kreatip sungguh otak anda berimajinasi. hahahhaaa..

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