Thursday, 14 January 2010

11 months old

Yes, my dear diary. I know. My Little One will be blowing his 1st birthday candle this Friday and yet I still owe you his 11 months old milestone. It's important to keep track of his achievements as I don't want to forget this beautiful moments, watching him grows every day..

At the moment, he..

  • amazed me by putting both hands together and clap! Yeayy.. Big applause for you, my dear..

  • claps,waves and sometimes jumps to his favourite music/cartoon
  • points at object with that cute little finger
  • matches lids with appropriate container
  • empties containers and drawers than put back things inside it after being told so
  • understands few simple instructions like "Can mommy have that?" 
  • interacts well when I read him a book and did the leafing through the pages
  • enjoys playing with switches and quickly checking the light/fan either it's on/off after flicking the switch
  • is more clingy with his Daddy (which is completely OK for me as I'm too tired to entertain him all day)

  • still don't have the courage to stand or walking. It's ok my dear, I will help you to build your confidence day by day.. 

  • becomes attached to Ca'ung, his soft animal toy. 

  • has a teeth! It's finally came out.. Don't bite mommy, okay dear?

My Little Teddy,

Make Mommy and Daddy proud
Grow up healthily my dear son

You sure are a brilliant young man
Little sunshine
that is bright enough
to put a smile on every faces around you

We love you, son!

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