Wednesday, 27 January 2010

1st birthday party

It was held at his Grandma's place in Batu Pahat.
My mom made a special request to celebrate her 1st grandson's birthday there.

Special thanks to my sister for being the party planner,
Not to forget my dearest friends Shu & Fara (with their fiance) for coming.

It was a success and I'm glad to see my son's cheerful face during the party although he's too young to understand the event.
It's your birthday, son!
Your very first birthday..

Here are some of the pictures..

Here I present you the Birthday Boy, Little Rossi on bike (Credit to Zul for the bike)

The yummylicious + sinful Chocolate Cake & Pulut Kuning

The Party Planner, my sister

The Clown, my Bro in Law

Who wants a  poodle?!..


The guests

Let's blow the candle..

Shu and Fiance, Zul

Fara and Fiance, Syam.

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