Friday, 11 May 2007

Happy birthday

Dear diary..

Almost forgotten to wish you "happy belated 2nd birthday!!" ...

Did you still remember? 2 years back.. My 1st post - I Hate my Birthday. Almost every entry filled with my 'heartbreaking story'.

I do remember that.. but somehow I move on. I have deleted some of 'the most heartbreaking story' because I don't want to remember some of them.

Dear Diary..

Don't remind me about all those sad things.. Please remind me about the happiest moment in my life. Remind me about the day I met the love of my Teddy.

1 more thing..don't forget to remind me about this year's birthday. It's not that bad after all. I got a pink casio watch from Teddy and also a diamond engagement ring ( + a Fiance of course..)

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

14th April 2007

Sireh by mama.

all pink.. of course! (inai lukis sendiri tau..)

Pak Ngah : "Kalau rasa2 nak cepat, semua tu tak jadi masalah.. Boleh diuruskan.."
Teddy : "Hehehe.."

For my Teddy.. ops, my fiance! ( Nak balik barang2 pink tu bole tak Teddy? )
Penatnye buat 11 dulang hantaran ni.. Nikah nanti recycle je la..

For me.. semua kak Nitce (kakak Teddy) buatkan. Nice huh?
Bakul tu jadi kotak make up dah..

Dear diary,
I won't hide anything from you. Although it is a bit late but still.. I will tell you about the most important event in my life. 14th April 2007 ~ my beloved Teddy is now my Fiance. Hope our love will grow stronger and last forever.. I love you Teddy, my Fiance..
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