Friday, 31 December 2010

Misi hari ini

Misi saya hari ini telah dilaksanakan dengan jayanya.

Apa dia?

..misi beramah-mesra dengan jiran sebelah rumah.

Pagi tadi saya berjaya memberikan sarapan
untuk jiran di kiri dan kanan rumah saya.

Biarpun biasa-biasa sahaja isinya,
namun saya gembira kerana niat saya telah terlaksana.

p/s : Anda rugi sebab anda bukan jiran saya.. :p

Jemput-jemput bilis dan karipap ayam.

Saya dah pandai buat kelim karipap!
Takdelah buruk sangat kan? hehe..

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Little addition & egg free cookies.

We added a little something to our home.
Here it is..

A swing!

I know, it doesn't has any art value in it.
..and the colours..
well, it doesn't match anything in our little so-called-garden.

At first, we plan to buy a bench,
balinese wood bench or maybe a garden bench made from steel.
Pretty.. but then, I thought it's not very practical.
It may sit there just for display.
That's why we choose a swing instead.
Suitable for our growing toddler and great for us too.

Another story..

I made some cookies last night.
Egg free chocolate chip cookies because my son is allergic to eggs.
(Furthermore, I used up the last egg in the fridge that morning! hehe..)

It taste just great and crunchy.
I googled the recipe last night and add some addition to my liking.
Since it turn out to be perfect,
I decided to share the recipe here..
so that I won't forget and will be able to bake it again later in the future.

The ingredients.

1/2 cup of butter
4 spoons of brown sugar (add more if you prefer it to be sweeter)
1 tea spoon of vanilla essences.
1 tea spoon of soda bicarbonate.
1/2 cup of hot water.
2 spoons of cocoa powder.
2 cups of flour.
1 cup of chocolate chips.

1. Mix the butter and brown sugar using mixer until creamy and smooth.
2. Add vanilla essences.
3. Dilute the soda bicarbonate in hot water and add it in the mixer.
4. Add in cocoa powder.
5. Mix in the flour.
6. Add in chocolate chips (off the mixer and use the spoon to mix it).
7. Bake in the oven for about 17-20 minutes (170 degrees Celcius).



Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2nd Canvas print

I made another design for canvas print.
Previously it was for my mother.
This time it's a special request from a friend of mine, Fydayu.
It was an anniversary gift for her husband.

Here's the design

..and here's the canvas print (taken from )

I love it!

..and thank God, Fydayu loves this print too. She said her husband became speechless and hugged her immediately when he saw it.

I have been promoting this canvas print to my friends and families.
Planning to make one (or most probably more) for our new home.
I guest, sooner or later I will transform this place into an art gallery.. :)
So, where should I hang it then? hurmm... 

Monday, 27 December 2010

La Prima Casa ~ Finally revealed!

I'm really proud of our new home.
Our very first home.
Although it's just a basic home with no modification,
I love it just the way it is.

With very limited budget,
Alhamdulillah.. we finally manage to own a house.
Located 4 km from Proton where Teddy work
and situated just beside the KESAS highway.

Here I present you our home sweet home..



..the proposed design..

final product

with the red carpet

floral design

canvas clock

Dining area proposed design

Final product

fake window

 empty space (before)


 The empty land in our porch 
(credit to Teddy Jr. who took this picture)

now covered with pebbles, stepping stone and flowers

3rd Anniversary celebration

We didn't go anywhere special this year.
We were living in a hectic life lately due to this 'moving in' issue.
Lots of things to be considered including our financial, time and energy.

..but somehow, as agreed 3 years before,
we will celebrate our big day every year.

The cake - our favourite, Blueberry cheesecake.
(I've put the picture in one of my previous post.)
Teddy loves blueberry and I love cheese.
It's a perfect combination of us.

We did something that we used to love - karaoke!
As long as I can remember,
we didn't have a chance to do that after we got married., it's more than 3 years
we didn't have a blast singing our heart out like that.

Eating out session - The Big Plate restaurant, Shah Alam.
I had something very high in cholesterol, Kambing Banting to satisfy my lust.
Grilled chicken for Teddy and fish and chips for Teddy Jr.

Kambing Banting

Grilled chicken

Fish and chips

Thursday, 23 December 2010

The making of.. (part 3)

Teddy has painted the storage room white.
Still need to be painted again for 2nd coating.
Will do it maybe this weekend.

We are totally broke.
This explain why there is still
no house-warming party invitation. Hehe..
..but for those who are free to visit,
you are very welcome..

There are no extra money left for us
to realize my dream kitchen.
I just have to be patient and wait
maybe for another 1-2 years.

for temporary..

this is what Teddy made for me

A kitchen shelf!

Thanks sayang..

p/s: Please ignore the uneven colour tone on the wall. We added 2 more power points in the kitchen and doesn't even bother to re-painted the new plaster on the wall.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3rd Anniversary

22 December 2007 ~ 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us.

To my dearest hubby,

There are no perfect word to describe..

how much I thank you
for always being there for me.

how much I adore you
for just being yourself.

how much I love you
for no reason at all.

I hope we can grow old together
and still walking hand in hand,
and share smiles and jokes
until the end of time.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Tahniah buat sahabat saya,
Farlina dan Mamat..

"Akhirnya.. kawen jugak korang kan?"


Itu ucapan yang saya tulis dalam kad kecil
yang saya selitkan di atas hadiah untuk mereka.

Kawan saya - si cantik Farlina..
anak duta yang baru beberapa tahun kembali ke Malaysia..
yang Bahasa Melayunya masih kelam-kabut,
yang masih tak dapat bezakan pokok pisang dengan pokok kelapa,
jatuh cinta dengan Azi Zulfira atau lebih dikenali sebagai Mamat
masa zaman-zaman kami di kolej Matrikulasi (2001).

Memang bercinta bagai nak rak.
Dalam kuliah bukan nota kuliah yang ditulis,
tapi kertas penuh dengan simbol-simbol hati (love).
Sepanjang perjalanan telinga sentiasa bersumbat dengan 'handsfree'..
bercakap 24 jam di telefon dengan Mamat.

Lepas Matrikulasi kami terputus hubungan.
Tapi dari cerita kawan-kawan,
hubungan mereka terputus.
Kemudian bersambung kembali.
Kemudian putus lagi.
..berulang beberapa kali.

Sampailah tarikh 18 Disember yang lepas..

Saya gembira menyaksikan hari mereka disatukan.

"Congrats Farlo!!
Kau sangat cantik malam tu.. Gorgeous.."

Masa saya bersalaman dan berpelukan dengan Farlina,
dia sempat bisikkan ke telinga saya..


Saya hairan sebentar.
Dia dah baca kad ucapan saya ke? hehe..

(Gambar-gambar sekitar majlis)

Friday, 17 December 2010

The making of.. (part 2)

Since Teddy got his new toy,
(A Bosch drill)

He suddenly became a handyman.

His latest project was 
transforming the space under our stair
to a little storage room.

I love it!
Thanks Teddy..

p/s : Will you paint it this weekend?

My project?

This is really something to brag about.

I finally manage to get rid
my 'sewingmachinophobia'..
I used to be very scared and nervous
everytime I try to use the sewing machine.

This time I decided to try it, by hook or by crook..
I desperately want to contribute something for our new home.

..and here it is.. very first, home-made curtain!

Okay, I lie.
My mom sew this.

I sew the curtains for our rooms..
3 sets of curtains for 3 rooms.
..and 1 set of sliding door curtain similar like this one 
for the master bedroom.

I just don't have the picture taken for all the curtain.
This one represent all.
My mother and I was on a marathon,
took turn to sew all these curtains
and it's all done in just 2 days! phew.. 

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