Friday, 17 December 2010

The making of.. (part 2)

Since Teddy got his new toy,
(A Bosch drill)

He suddenly became a handyman.

His latest project was 
transforming the space under our stair
to a little storage room.

I love it!
Thanks Teddy..

p/s : Will you paint it this weekend?

My project?

This is really something to brag about.

I finally manage to get rid
my 'sewingmachinophobia'..
I used to be very scared and nervous
everytime I try to use the sewing machine.

This time I decided to try it, by hook or by crook..
I desperately want to contribute something for our new home.

..and here it is.. very first, home-made curtain!

Okay, I lie.
My mom sew this.

I sew the curtains for our rooms..
3 sets of curtains for 3 rooms.
..and 1 set of sliding door curtain similar like this one 
for the master bedroom.

I just don't have the picture taken for all the curtain.
This one represent all.
My mother and I was on a marathon,
took turn to sew all these curtains
and it's all done in just 2 days! phew.. 

7 stalker (s):

  • Queen

    jahit sendiri lebih jimat.. =)

    tapi nik jahit senget benget which i dont care..hahahhaha

  • Pinky Angel

    ala nik, kalo belek dekat2 mmg nmpk cacatnya.. tak perfect. senget benget. tp dah gantung tu, ok je..hehe

  • SurayaHarris

    OMG!u make me proud babe.aku rasa nak peluk kau aje tgk langsir tu..please belajar jahit baju kurung..aku nak ada kawan tailor....=)

    high five babe!

  • afs

    wah..langsir sudah siap..saya nak g umah cik la mlm ni...hehe

  • Pinky Angel

    supaya nnti ko dpt upah aku jait baju kurung ko yg berlambak tu kan? hehehe.. kalau aku ada byk masa nnt mmg ada niat pun nak blajar. wish me luck k..

    high 5! love u..

    mari marii.. lama xjmpa cik. sejak cik kawen aritu..

  • lily lotus

    i bukan jer nak import ur lil boy tolong buat mural. tapi nak tempah jugak langsir kat u!

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    hahahaha.. toksah merepek. kang i xbertanggungjawab kalo u hang langsir tu ada yg senget2.. :p

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