Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The story about LONDON

Story 1

Q : "Dah besar nanti nak belajar dekat mana?"
A : "Oxford University!"
Q : "Kenapa?"
A : "Situ untuk budak2 pandai.. & dekat dengan London. Nak pergi London 1 hari nanti.."

I can't remember who asked that question but I can still remember my answer. I was small..7 or 9 years old. By that time I just knew Oxford as 1 of the best University and London as 1 of the most beautiful, fine city. I got that information from a romantic story book that I read actually. hehe..

Story 2

Q : "Kampung kau dekat mana?"
A : "Johor"
Q : "Johor dekat mana?"
A : "Batu Pahat"
Q : "Batu Pahat dekat mana?"
A : "Batu Pahat la.." (feeling a little bit shy to say out loud my kampung's name - Parit Belemam)
Q : "Batu Pahatla tu dekat mana?"
A : "London!"
Q : "Kau kerek dengan aku ye??!!!"

It was 1999, during my orientation week in SAMURA (Sains Muar). I didn't how that word just slip from my tongue. I was labeled as 'Junior Kerek' (rude is another word for kerek..i guess) by my seniors & been brainwashed in a dark room for 1 night. I was joking & never thought they actually take it seriously.

Story 3

Q : "Nak dating pegi mana esok? "
A : "London! "
Q : "betul2 la.. nak pegi mana?"
A : (senyap)
Q : "hello? Kenapa senyap? katne ni?"
A : "kat London!"

I forgot which 'ex' asked this question.. somehow I get bored going out with him & he will get the same answer from me if he asks that question. "London!"

Story 4

Q : "Na, ada surat panggilan interview untuk study oversea"
A : "Hah??! Bestnye..bila dapat? Katne? Bila interviewnya?"
Q : "Baru dapat tadi. Posmen lambat bagi. Interviewnya esok..kat ITTHO"
A : "Haaahh?? mana sempat nak balik BP.."
Q : "takpela..sama je blajar kat Malaysia ngan oversea.."

It was 2001, during my orientation week at Matriculation College NS. I was so frustrated that I can't go back home for the interview. I thought that was the only chance that I can go out from Malaysia & explore the world. I thought I can further my study in oversea & if I'm lucky enough I will get to see the Big Ben & hop on the double decker bus to explore London..

I'm not born with a silver spoon. That was the only chance to fulfill my childhood dreams and I completely blown it.

After that moment, I kept my dreams aside. I dare not to dream or speak about it anymore. I guess that someday I will have my dreams to come true..but by that time I might be too old & retired..

until 1 day.. Teddy told me that he's going to make my dreams come true..

Monday, 24 March 2008

Anniversary & 1st snow

icy white ground

Chapelfiled Garden covered with Snow

Scary Snowman?

Winter sonata? hehe..

Our 3rd months marriage anniversary

(22/12/2007 - 22/3/2008)


it's snowing in Norwich!

It was something new to us. Our 1st experience to feel the soft snow flakes in our hands. It might be the last snow for this season because spring is just around the corner (or is it already Spring?) It's amazing to wake up early in the morning to see the white ground in front of our apartment.

Another dream comes true..

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A Journey to Norwich

It's the last view of KLIA. (15th March 2008, 12am)

Dubai Airport. Transit for 3 hours. (15th March 2008, 3am)

The plane

The arrival.. (Heathrow, London) 11.30am, 15th March 2008.

Driving around London.

The car

Sunday, 16th March 2008

On our way to Norwich, enjoying the country sight

The studio apartment ~ Unthank Road, Norwich

It's a dream come true.. ( be continue..)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Updates


I am officially married. 22nd December 2007.

My Dear Diary, please remember this date. It will be our anniversary and remind us to celebrate our love every year.. every month.. & every day..

Don't get frustrated if you didn't get the invitation card. It's just a small 'nikah' ceremony. The 'kenduri' will be somewhere in October.. (maybe) Delayed due to some reasons.


It looks like 'the storm' has come to an end. My 'used-to-be-my-best friend' will always be my friend and I will treasure her just like all my beloved friends. I hate being in a cold fight with you because somehow I do understand you.. and I'm sorry again for being a bitch. Sometimes it's good to have a reality smack so that you will understand or maybe.. understand others. It's a message from a concern friend.. from me. Treat others like you would you like to be treated.

I'm lucky to have a lot of friends.. good friends.. or more accurate to use the term of 'great' friends instead of 'good' because they are all being nice to me. I'm touched by the way they treat me and how they made me feel loved. The most important part is they made me feel good about myself. Thank you, dear friends..


I'm gonna miss them like hell.. Dear Diary, please take good care of them while I'm away.

Cuki ,

Atoi ..

be good ok?


Thank you for keeping me in the company. I will be away for 6 months and hopefully I am able to fullfill my duty. Looking forward for new skills and experience.

Working in UAE last January will be my greatest achievement so far. Thank you so much for the opportunity given.


Enough crap!
I've remove my chat box and all the fancy2 little things from my sidebar.
Don't spam my diary again!!


I perm my hair (again) and have it highlights with light brown colour.

I did it at APT Hair Gallery, Sunway Pyramid. It costs me around RM300 for cut+perm+highlight+treatment and I'm very happy with the results.



It's great to have a childhood dream.. but what makes it special is it's about to come true next week!

What is my dream?

Dear Diary, keep this as a secret and tell anyone about it.. Syhhh.. hehe

"To hold hands with someone I love in London & view the romantic sunset scenery in Paris.."

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