Thursday, 16 July 2009

Moving out

We are moving out this weekend

I hate this


we have no choice

Good bye Puchong Hartamas..

Photos of the day

Ready for shipment

"Warrghhh... Resaksa kotak menyerang..!!"

p/s: I won't be able to online next week until our streamyx new connection is up again.
Let's pray that it won't take so long..

Friday, 10 July 2009

A little thought for a dear friend

Here it is.. As promised. Credits to Ely and her new D5000 for the beautiful + bright + colourful + no need any editing photos.

Congratulations to my dear childhood friend, Miss Nurshufarah Oon for her engagement, last Sunday (5 July 2009).

This is the lucky girl..

Didn't she looks so gorgeous in white?
..and the make up really stand out in the pictures.
Just perfect.

..more pictures..

Cik Shu and her fiance, Incek Zul

From left, Mommy-to-be Yati, Fara, Shu and Ayu

This was our 'gediks' moment.
My favourite picture of all.
(Obviously because my face was in it! :p)

From left - me, Shu, Yati and Ely the photographer.

Let's join our (married) club..

Kisses from 2 hot mommas..
"We love you, Shu!"

My Little Teddy was unwell and I put him for a nap first, on that morning. I'm sorry I missed the ceremony.. but somehow I manage to come although just for a short time. It's really worth every minutes to be there, to witness one of the important event for my dear friend. We've known each other since we were 7. We were in the same class - Darjah 1 Biru. Am I right, Shu?

Congrats again to you and hope that your relationships will be blessed with happiness. Be good, control your 'kegatalan' okeh? Hehe..

Photo of the day

"Mom, did you forget about me?"

p/s: I got carried away every time I meet my friends. Not good for my little one. I guess I should put on a sign on my shirt, "I'm a mother now.."

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Quick updates

I know, I know..
I owe you some updates

There was one special event last week waiting to be written here.
..and I'm still waiting for the pictures.. *hint*hint* (Ely, sila take note.. ;p)


My Little Teddy went for his 5month++ check up yesterday. (Actually he will be 6months old next week). He's weighing 7.7kg now. I'm building more muscles in my arms while holding that little-living-dumbbell. Hehe..

Oh, I almost forgot about something. We are moving out soon. I will blog about that later. Not in the mood to blog. Sore throat, blocked nose. Demn. Too much rambutans..
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