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Akikah for our beloved Little Teddy

My Dear Diary..

Let me tell you about my Little One's Akikah and 'Potong jambul ceremony'.. (pening kepala nak tulis apa in English, takkan la 'baby's hair cut'? Pelik lak rasa.. hehe) It was held on the 2nd & 3rd May 2009. Everything went on very well except for few unexpected things.

Here are the pictures for that day..

The 3 of us..

Wonder why there's a 'mini-pelamin-like-stage' doing right there? Oh yes, it was my BIG DAY too. It was not just Akikah for my Little one. I never had a proper Wedding Reception since it has been delayed few times due to Teddy being transferred to UK last year. It was just a small solemnization ceremony and only friends and families were invited during that time (22/12/2007).

There weren't many peoples (especially villagers) know that I'm married. Some of them were shocked when they were invited for my son's Akikah. No Wedding invitation and then suddenly, pooff.. Akikah?

Let my Mom did all the explanation. She just LOVE to tell everyone over and over again that her Son in Law (Teddy) being transferred to oversea, that's why - no wedding reception for us.

My family in law

Us with my MIL, mom and sis

2 healthy goats slaughtered for that occasion. Not to mention the sweet smell inside Teddy's car (that smell still lingers until today!) after the meat being dispatch from the slaughtering place. Yeargghh.. to Black Metal. We got black goat's blood here. hehe..

The foods were marvelous! Funny because we were treated as a newly-wed couple. Kimi's cheeks were red with lipstick stain from my visitors. He got more kisses than anyone else.

" Semangatnya budak ni.. "
" Kerasnya badan dia " (Is it considered as compliment too?)
" Putihnya kulit dia "
" Comelnya.. "

He received a lot of compliments. Should I envy him? hurmmm..

I wonder what happen to those who made promises to me that they will definitely come on my Wedding reception.

My message to them - "there will be no more wedding reception after this"... and oh, they owe me my wedding presents. (I shouldn't be more concern about the present part because I didn't need them anymore.)

To those who are sick or working on Sunday, your excuses were accepted.

Too far is not an excuse since I used to rent a car to attend a wedding somewhere in JB. I even went through difficulties just to come over to a wedding invitation in Kuantan.


I know. It's just an Akikah. Nothing important here.. but I guess I've told everyone it's also my wedding reception. Maybe they didn't receive my message. I didn't want to send a wedding invitation though because it's a little inappropiate since we have been married for more than a year.

A bit disappointed or more specific, 'makan hati' because that special day was celebrated without my dear friends. Luckily I didn't rent a real pelamin and got my make up done by a professional mak andam. If yes then, laaagi makan hati. Mau aku campak Tiara atas kepala tu ke lantai.. Nasib la tak pakai.. (I never had a chance to wear a Tiara. huhuhu..)

Surprising when 2 Teddy's friends came from Selangor instead of mine.

Special thanks to Baizura and mommy-to-be, Annie for coming. Really appreciate their effort to come since there weren't any of my friend came that day except them. You guys really made my day!

Anyway, I'm glad that tiring and exhausting days were over. Poor Little Kimi. He's too exhausted and won't smile for the camera. He got very fussy and didn't even like his new little baju melayu.

Alright. End of story. Please don't leave comments starting with "I'm sorry I didn't come because..." (fill in the blank yourself). Be creative if your intention is to pujuk me.

Yes, I'm merajuk now.

Let me be alone.


p/s : I might not be seen online for the next 2 or 3 weeks since I'm back in BP. Teddy is off to Thailand to test the new proton Exora. Don't miss me okay?? I know you won't. (Another ayat merajuk)

Oh, by the way.. I want to wish

Happy mother's day to Mama
Happy mother's day to Ibu
Happy mother's day to all mothers in the world..

and.. Happy Mother's Day to me!
I will be celebrating my first mother's day this year.

~ cheers ~

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