Thursday, 24 March 2011

Birth Announcement

Elisa Lana bt. Isa Yassir Arafat

22nd March 2011 (7:58pm)


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dedicated specially for My Little Lotus


*** This is going to be a very-very short entry.
I wrote this letter few days ago but still haven't finish it.


2 years ago I wrote a letter to your brother..
Later on, a day after that he decided to come out.
Eager to meet me. 
Are you going to do the same thing too my dear?

How are you doing in there my little one? Mommy hope you are doing great. You have been a graceful little baby since the past 37 weeks  and giving me the best pregnancy experience ever! 

The first time I knew about you was on the 18th August 2010. It was on Ramadhan and your Daddy was in Japan. I was more prepared and didn't threw away the pregnancy test kit like last time I did when I found out about your brother. That time I was so naive and afraid.. and I really regret that action. 

I emailed the pregnancy test kit's picture to your Dad and he was so happy about it.. He said it's "Gambar budak omei nombor 2!" 

That Ramadhan, fasting was the biggest challenge for me. I felt too exhausted and weak as my body is adapting the new hormonal and physically changes to fit you. Your brother was still exclusively breastfeeding that time and that made my body working extra hard to supply enough nutritions for both of you.


.The foods we share.

Honestly, you are not a fussy eater. I'm not craving any specific food or hating any smelly food (etc. garlic). Nausea was not a big issue and I really thank God that I didn't have to face that challenge for my 2nd pregnancy. 

The only problem was during the first trimester.. I'm not sure what I really want to eat. I ate less food and lost my appetite. As the result, just like before.. my weight starting to drop. (I love being pregnant!)

Until now, I only crave for soy product - soya drinks and tempe. Hehe.. And oh, fried sweet potatoes. (Fried by your Daddy and his secret batter recipe). Dip it in 'sambal kicap Johor'. Heaven. Others.. the craving was not so 'severe'.. Sometimes I crave for fast food (KFC, Pizza, Mc D). We are so lucky to live in Malaysia and that means unlimited supply of (Halal) food, 24/7. 


It looks like you are about to do the same thing too..
Just like your brother,
you are eager to meet me right, my little one?

This morning I'm going to be induced.

Please pray for us..

Monday, 21 March 2011

My phone

I have been using my beloved Z610i Sony Ericson
for more than 4 years now.
As I can remember,
I (Teddy, actually) bought it for me in December 2006..
The same day he bought his so called 'antique' Fujifilm camera. Hehe..

Yes, I do have another phone
that I bought last year,
but I hate that phone so much
that I want to throw it in the drain in front of my house.

I hope you guys understand
if you didn't get any sms reply from me

I'm having trouble to type it!
(Mind you.. this phone is not a touch screen type.
It's touch pad! - since it don't have any keypad to key in anything)

This little person is completely responsible
to do this thing to my poor phone.

I wish for a new phone everyday.
..but somehow..

History might repeat itself.
In another 4-5 months maybe?

My Little Lotus..
Can't wait to have you in my arms.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Morning rambling

Morning Diary..

TGIF. Thank God It's Friday.
I feel a bit sleepy since I slept around 3am++ last night.


I realize that it seem like I neglected this blog lately.
My life is just as bored as I am.
Nothing interesting to write.

Sometimes it feels like I'm starting to lose myself.
I'm not sure who I really am
and what am I going to do with my own life.
Hopefully this is just temporary..
caused by this roller-coaster, pregnancy hormone breakdown.

I love my job as a full time mom.
I realize that it takes a lot of determination and courage to be here.
I know that there are A LOT to sacrifice.

Being a SAHM is all about giving..
with almost zero benefit in return.
No more social life.
No income.
No shopping desire.
almost no lust or craving for any expensive gastronomic meals.
..but a lot of unfulfilled, never ending wish list.

It's not that I completely gave up my dreams.
I do have some thoughts of joining the work force again
but not now..
I already gave myself a 5 years future planning.

Just bear with me, Diary..
You are the most loyal friend of mine.
Although I prefer to keep every 'negative thoughts' to myself
but please don't give up on me.

Hopefully one day
I can see some silver lining in my grey clouds.
my future plan is soon to be realized.
(Though it takes years to achieve it).



Monday, 7 March 2011

Happy Birthday..

5th March 1982 ~ 2011

Happy Birthday to my dearest husband

Isa Yassir Arafat.

May all your dreams and wishes
come true..

Semoga dipanjangkan umur
dimurahkan rezeki
Diberkati selalu..

We love you so much!!!

Teddy's favourite - Mixed fruit cake..

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

2nd pregnancy portraits

.Home made portraits.

Taken using our 4 years old++,
 loyal and trustworthy bridge camera, 
Fujifilm Finepix s6500fd
(Not a DSLR)

My Little Lotus..

We love you so much!
Can't wait to hold you in my arms

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