Friday, 11 March 2011

Morning rambling

Morning Diary..

TGIF. Thank God It's Friday.
I feel a bit sleepy since I slept around 3am++ last night.


I realize that it seem like I neglected this blog lately.
My life is just as bored as I am.
Nothing interesting to write.

Sometimes it feels like I'm starting to lose myself.
I'm not sure who I really am
and what am I going to do with my own life.
Hopefully this is just temporary..
caused by this roller-coaster, pregnancy hormone breakdown.

I love my job as a full time mom.
I realize that it takes a lot of determination and courage to be here.
I know that there are A LOT to sacrifice.

Being a SAHM is all about giving..
with almost zero benefit in return.
No more social life.
No income.
No shopping desire.
almost no lust or craving for any expensive gastronomic meals.
..but a lot of unfulfilled, never ending wish list.

It's not that I completely gave up my dreams.
I do have some thoughts of joining the work force again
but not now..
I already gave myself a 5 years future planning.

Just bear with me, Diary..
You are the most loyal friend of mine.
Although I prefer to keep every 'negative thoughts' to myself
but please don't give up on me.

Hopefully one day
I can see some silver lining in my grey clouds.
my future plan is soon to be realized.
(Though it takes years to achieve it).



7 stalker (s):

  • syafisyifa'

    salam..takpa..dlm idup ni jgn terlalu byk risau.kena PERCAYA pd rezeki Allah.ngndung mmg kdg2 kita rasa mcm semacam sikit tp kena kuatkan semangat k...saja ja nk bg smangat,bukan bmakna pejah tak phm yun k..hihi...

  • Pinky Angel

    salam.. thanks pejah. mmg risau mcm2. takut bukan2. pk byk sgt kot.

  • Rai

    salam,rasanya memang time pregnant akan ada perasaan yang pelik2.. jangan diikutkan sangat. kuatkan semangat. busy kan diri dengan benda2 lain so that otak takde la pk ngarut2 ok.

  • lily lotus

    i selalu doakan yg terbaik for u sis :)

  • Pinky Angel

    salam.. tu la. prasaan emosi bukan2. hehe.. slalu time mlm2 la jd mcm tu. bila suma org dah lena tdo, kita still terkebil2 golek kiri kanan serba tak kena. startla pk bukan2..hehe

    sis lily,
    thanks.. amin..

  • Rai

    jangan susah ati sangat..but my second pregnancy pun lebih kurang macam asyik rasa sedey je.. apa pun all the best..

  • Pinky Angel

    each pregnancy mmg ada simptom lain2. masa 1st dulu pun mcm ni gak, tp tak severe sgt. awal2 tu je time kena morning sickness. xdela ssh ati. cuma emosi je naik turun. hehe.. lgla kdg2 bila kimi ngamok2 tak tentu pasal. startla mak dia ni nak menyinga.. :p

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