Tuesday, 24 February 2009

1 month old

It's true, baby grows so fast. Within a month, my Little Teddy has gained 1kg of weight and can fit almost all the cute and adorable baby rompers we bought for him in UK. Most of it have cars printed on them.

Last week, we went for Kimi's first check up. The first thing we heard from the doctor was,

"Tell me, who's Valentino Rossi's fan here?"

I had a good laugh and answered,

.." blame it on his Dad, doctor.."

"and oh, didn't you realize Kimi stands for Kimi Raikkonen?" I added.

"Really? Just great. His dad is Valentino Rossi's fan and his grandpa is Yassir Arafat's fan.. "


My Little Kimi,

Be proud my son. Your name might be a little bit controversial, but that obviously will make you stand out from all of your fellow friends. It's a mix of Malay + Finnish + Italian + Arab.

Hakimi Rossi bin Isa Yassir Arafat.

Be prepared with this answer when people ask why you are given this name,

"..because Kimi Raikkonen and Valentino Rossi were World Champion in motorsport. I am going to be one, soon.."

It doesn't really matter in what field, doesn't have to be motorsport.. but I hope you will be a great person in the future. You are always a champ, my dear.. (if there is any loudest crying contest for babies now, I'm sure you will be the winner! hehe..)


As I don't have any magical power to freeze or turn back the time, I decided to capture your picture as much as I can. For sure I will miss this moment where I can still place your tiny body on my lap.

Little Teddy 1 month old

p/s : Thanks to sis Lilly for the blogger award! Really appreciate it.. ;)

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Little Teddy (s)

I give up
He resembles Teddy

a lot!

and yes,
he has those dimples

but wait,
didn't he has my eyes?


15th February 2009

Kimi gave me
his first
beaming, toothless, just-for-me grin!

..My heart melt..

Friday, 6 February 2009



an everlasting smile
A smile that brings you near to me

Don't ever let me find you down
Cause that would bring a tear to me.. "

Have you ever smile to a stranger? Believe me, you will feel good when they smile back at you. I love to do it everywhere I go. Groceries store, clinic, gas station, hospital, everywhere.. especially when I'm feeling happy. There's nothing wrong to spread the happiness, right?

There is 1 groceries store near my apartment here. The cashier girl used to say something like this when I was pregnant,

"You are always smiling. Later, you will have your baby born smiling.. not crying!"

..and of course, I reply the words with a larger smile :)


Thank God my baby's born like other normal babies.. crying! Hahaha.. I would have be panicking if he did something else than that.

My Little Teddy is 3 weeks old yesterday. He still didn't react to any good situation, except crying when he's hungry, uncomfortable or angry.

..but the best part is when he's half asleep. He will smile!!

(The feeling to see your baby smiling? Priceless..)

Having a sweet dream, my dear??

Monday, 2 February 2009

A Journey of becoming a Mother

Hello there! Sorry for the short break. I still need time to adjust myself on how to manage my time. Obviously, being a new mom is completely changing my life. I devoted almost 80% of my ‘to-do-list’ on my little one and the rest is just enough for me to take a deep breath and relax. Life’s a chaos for me right now but it’s alright. I’m pretty confident that I will adapt to this new lifestyle soon.

Of course I still remember the promise I made on the previous entry - journey of becoming a mother. It was something that I will remember for a lifetime. Something so special.. Welcoming our new family member. Anyway, giving birth is not as scary as I always thought. I manage to get through all of this with flying colours!

14 January 2009


It all started with a slight cramp in my tummy. It doesn’t hurt at all and it’s just like ‘uneasy feeling’ or stomach ache that indicates your mind that you need to poop. I didn’t think it was a contraction because I always heard contraction should be so painful – 3 times more painful than period pain. Others said the pain will spread on your lower back and walking will only increase the pain. Maybe it's just Braxton Hicks. False alarm.

I started to be more concern about it when the pain keep on coming back and gone in 10 minutes time. They were getting stronger and too regular to be something else. I kept track on the time quietly and didn’t tell Teddy anything about it.

15 January 2009

1.00am ++

The ‘uneasy feeling’ was getting more intense and stayed more than a minute each time. I felt so uncomfortable that I need to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes, the same feeling when you got diarrhea.

I finally told Teddy about it and we timed the contraction. Still 10 minutes apart. I tried to sleep but that uncomfortable feeling made that impossible. I felt a weird sensation like a ripping feeling, muscles cramp in my tummy and lower back.


The contractions were getting nearer, 5 minutes apart. Teddy told me maybe it’s time to go to the hospital. We packed and grabbed the baby bag.


Arrived at Hospital Putrajaya. Did some 'long registration process' and I had to wait patiently for the doctor to arrive. Actually I'm not so sure why it took so long but I just have to bear with it since I'm not paying for expensive non-government hospital for first class treatment.

The nurse took me to a room and attached the baby heart monitor on my tummy. Contractions kept on coming in every 5-7 minutes apart.


Finally, the doctor arrived. I was 3cm dilated. The nurse assisted me to the ward (ward 2B, bed no 5) while Teddy had to complete the rest of registration process.

Sadly, Teddy were told to go home because it's not during visiting hours. I felt so terrible because he's not there by my side to accompany me through out the pain.


I lost my mucus plug - gooey deposit in my underwear, mixed with red streaks of blood. I called for assistant and the midwife took me to another room. I was 5 cm dilated.

The doctor broke my water and I felt contractions were getting stronger. I barely breath properly. I tried not to fight it and accepted that it's all normal in labor process. I set my mind to actually 'feel' the pain and try to imagine it's opening the cervix for a clear path for my baby. It did helps a lot, but I could only survived that in few seconds. It was difficult to allow the pain since your body automatically will try to do the opposite way. I called Teddy and asked him to stand by near the labor room.


Arrived at labor room.


8cm dilated. The midwife gave me IV drips and Teddy was called in. There's no word to describe how glad I am to see him there.

Just after he walked in the labor room, I felt a very strong contraction. In no time I was 10 cm dilated! Midwife told me it's time to push. At that stage I just wanted the baby out. I gathered all my energy and pushed with all my heart out.

Now, that was the best part. I didn't really feel the pain from contraction. There's only the overwhelming urge to push and all I could think that time was the harder I pushed, the quicker this will end. I did the 'purple pushing' technique - hold my breath to a count of ten, numerous times during one contraction.

That situation might not seem so beautiful since my face turning reddish purple, broken blood vessels and I didn't realize that I was biting my lips until my midwife told me not to do so. (The funny part was that Teddy thought I was having internal bleeding because he saw blood coming out from my mouth. Hehe..)


I was so determined to push and it didnt took so long until I felt a big gush coming out from me. The baby was out with a lot of amnioc fluids spreading all over my midwife clothes. All the pain were magically disappeared.

I wouldn't forget that moment when Teddy recited 'Alhamdulillah' few times and kissed me on my face. Then, there it was.. The first baby cries. He was taken onto my abdomen and my heart jumped with joy to see his beautiful little face. I felt like a winner. I am a Super woman.

So, there was it! My journey of becoming a mother.

Hello there my little one.. little Teddy, baby Kimi. Sleep tight and give mommy some time to publish this entry today, will you? I love you so much!
Sweet dream, my dear..

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