Friday, 6 February 2009



an everlasting smile
A smile that brings you near to me

Don't ever let me find you down
Cause that would bring a tear to me.. "

Have you ever smile to a stranger? Believe me, you will feel good when they smile back at you. I love to do it everywhere I go. Groceries store, clinic, gas station, hospital, everywhere.. especially when I'm feeling happy. There's nothing wrong to spread the happiness, right?

There is 1 groceries store near my apartment here. The cashier girl used to say something like this when I was pregnant,

"You are always smiling. Later, you will have your baby born smiling.. not crying!"

..and of course, I reply the words with a larger smile :)


Thank God my baby's born like other normal babies.. crying! Hahaha.. I would have be panicking if he did something else than that.

My Little Teddy is 3 weeks old yesterday. He still didn't react to any good situation, except crying when he's hungry, uncomfortable or angry.

..but the best part is when he's half asleep. He will smile!!

(The feeling to see your baby smiling? Priceless..)

Having a sweet dream, my dear??

8 stalker (s):

  • zura_betty

    comelnya dia tido..! nak baby lagi..

  • Rai

    Alahai..bantal sama pattern bantal bulat tu sama ngan baby kita punye la..hehe..comeinya senyum..

  • Yazid Husain


  • budak kechik

    eh..bkn ke anak ko kuat nangis ke??? ehehehehhe tunggu baby aku lak 2010 okkkk

  • lily lotus

    alahai..cair hati tgk dia smile camtu..mesti photogenic bila dah pandai berposing ;)

  • Pinky Angel

    amboii.. dh ada planning utk tmbh family ke?hehe..

    sama ek?beli kat carrefour..hehe..


    skang dh ok.. xkuat ada masa nk tdo dipeluk je..huhu..
    hoho.. 2010? kalo dpt baby girl aku chop jd menantu. hahaha..

    kak lily
    ha'a.. hati saya pun cair.. xsbr nk tggu dia besar mcm hero2 akak. mesti best!

  • Anonymous

    congratulation. baby senyum sungguh comel.

  • Pinky Angel

    thanks! ;)

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