Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The story about LONDON

Story 1

Q : "Dah besar nanti nak belajar dekat mana?"
A : "Oxford University!"
Q : "Kenapa?"
A : "Situ untuk budak2 pandai.. & dekat dengan London. Nak pergi London 1 hari nanti.."

I can't remember who asked that question but I can still remember my answer. I was small..7 or 9 years old. By that time I just knew Oxford as 1 of the best University and London as 1 of the most beautiful, fine city. I got that information from a romantic story book that I read actually. hehe..

Story 2

Q : "Kampung kau dekat mana?"
A : "Johor"
Q : "Johor dekat mana?"
A : "Batu Pahat"
Q : "Batu Pahat dekat mana?"
A : "Batu Pahat la.." (feeling a little bit shy to say out loud my kampung's name - Parit Belemam)
Q : "Batu Pahatla tu dekat mana?"
A : "London!"
Q : "Kau kerek dengan aku ye??!!!"

It was 1999, during my orientation week in SAMURA (Sains Muar). I didn't how that word just slip from my tongue. I was labeled as 'Junior Kerek' (rude is another word for kerek..i guess) by my seniors & been brainwashed in a dark room for 1 night. I was joking & never thought they actually take it seriously.

Story 3

Q : "Nak dating pegi mana esok? "
A : "London! "
Q : "betul2 la.. nak pegi mana?"
A : (senyap)
Q : "hello? Kenapa senyap? katne ni?"
A : "kat London!"

I forgot which 'ex' asked this question.. somehow I get bored going out with him & he will get the same answer from me if he asks that question. "London!"

Story 4

Q : "Na, ada surat panggilan interview untuk study oversea"
A : "Hah??! Bestnye..bila dapat? Katne? Bila interviewnya?"
Q : "Baru dapat tadi. Posmen lambat bagi. Interviewnya esok..kat ITTHO"
A : "Haaahh?? mana sempat nak balik BP.."
Q : "takpela..sama je blajar kat Malaysia ngan oversea.."

It was 2001, during my orientation week at Matriculation College NS. I was so frustrated that I can't go back home for the interview. I thought that was the only chance that I can go out from Malaysia & explore the world. I thought I can further my study in oversea & if I'm lucky enough I will get to see the Big Ben & hop on the double decker bus to explore London..

I'm not born with a silver spoon. That was the only chance to fulfill my childhood dreams and I completely blown it.

After that moment, I kept my dreams aside. I dare not to dream or speak about it anymore. I guess that someday I will have my dreams to come true..but by that time I might be too old & retired..

until 1 day.. Teddy told me that he's going to make my dreams come true..

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  • agenda sepit baju gak cita2 cik ye. nampaknye saya kene la selalu sebut mekah mekah spy dpt g mekah cepat2...hehe

  • pinky angel

    betul tu.
    sebut byk2..nanti jadi doa.

  • Yazid Husain

    Hi Liyana @ Pinky

    Wei congrat for ur wedding. Bila Aq nak jadi pakcik ini?

    Also congrat achive ur dream

    Salam perkenalan dari
    Yazid Husain (INSEP)

  • Joy

    Would love to hear that story Pinky!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. We now have broadband - though the connection is either low or good. I'm looking forward to visiting your blog more regularly. Please bear with me. Have a great weekend!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  • pinky angel

    hi yazid..

    thanks for the wish. Pakcik? Lmbt lg kot..hehe..majlis pun tak sempat wat lg.

    hello there..
    I've been visiting your blog before I came here in Norwich.I Did a some survey about Norwich & there's how I stumble upon your blog.It's so nice to see all your photos. Now even better because I can see some of the landmark in Norwich U posted with my own eyes!

    p/s: Sorry because some of my posting are in Malay

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