Monday, 27 December 2010

La Prima Casa ~ Finally revealed!

I'm really proud of our new home.
Our very first home.
Although it's just a basic home with no modification,
I love it just the way it is.

With very limited budget,
Alhamdulillah.. we finally manage to own a house.
Located 4 km from Proton where Teddy work
and situated just beside the KESAS highway.

Here I present you our home sweet home..



..the proposed design..

final product

with the red carpet

floral design

canvas clock

Dining area proposed design

Final product

fake window

 empty space (before)


 The empty land in our porch 
(credit to Teddy Jr. who took this picture)

now covered with pebbles, stepping stone and flowers

10 stalker (s):

  • precious innocent

    HAIH!!! mana button like nih!!!

    lawanya u house!!! simple but adorable.. (eh, rumah leh kata adorable ke? hehe)

    ps, nnt kalau nak buat house warming, leh la contact we all utk photoshoot *ttiba :P*


  • Pinky Angel

    tq emma.. :)

    rasanya takde party buat masa terdekat ni kot. kami dah pokai.hehe..

  • Queen

    memula rasa kosong je...nanti makin lama makin penuh la tu.. =)

    btw..suke sofa tu..simple je.. =)

  • Pinky Angel

    err..kalo bole nak kekal kosong mcm tu je. tak suka rumah byk sgt hiasan/perabot. rasa semak. hehe

    tq :) sofa tu hubby i yg pilih. dia mmg gila sofa. hehe

  • Empunya blog

    yunx..cantik gile umah ko..suka ..suka..suka...

  • Pinky Angel

    tq mimi.. :)

  • E.d.Y

    puas hati kan ada rumah sendiri..tahniah

  • Pinky Angel

    yep.. mestila. xdela tiap bln nk kena byr sewa kt org lain. tq :)

  • Joy

    Hi Pinky!

    That is such a lovely home! I think that you're created a very beautiful sanctuary for your family. I love the aesthetics. Best wishes on your new abode.

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  • Pinky Angel

    Hi Joy..
    Thanks for the compliments and wishes. :)

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