Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3rd Anniversary

22 December 2007 ~ 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us.

To my dearest hubby,

There are no perfect word to describe..

how much I thank you
for always being there for me.

how much I adore you
for just being yourself.

how much I love you
for no reason at all.

I hope we can grow old together
and still walking hand in hand,
and share smiles and jokes
until the end of time.

3 stalker (s):

  • Queen

    owh..sweet celebration..saya tak celebrate pun 1st lain excited..kami tidak..

    semoga kekal berbahagia Yana... disamping dia =)

    Happy anniversary dear

  • lily lotus

    nak wish u again. happy anniversary :) semoga kekal bahagia. amin...

  • Pinky Angel

    sian nik..xpela. sambutan xpenting, ingatan tu je dh cukup. as long as Nik happy.. Thanks for the wish.

    Sis lily,
    tq sis... aminn.. :)

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