Monday, 25 January 2010

HDR using photoscape

I treasure good photos
I admire them as they speak louder than words
sometimes they seem dramatic in their own way

I have no DSLR
really want to have one
been put under wish list like forever

since budgets are so tight these days
I got myself a replacement for that thing
- something called 'photo-editing skills'
Free of charge, of course but it takes a lot of effort

Here is a very simple tutorial (a reminder for me actually)
on how to achieve a HDR-like picture
using a free editing software ~ Photoscape

1. Download and install Photoscape.
2. Run it and click on Editor
3. Click on the picture you wish to edit
4. Click the small arrow beside backlight button
5. Click on +200%. Play around with the value until you get your final result.

HDR images are so vibrant and they create a 'mysterious-drama-look' in a photo.
You'll actually need a good DSLR, combine at least 3 multiple photos with different exposure to achieve it.

oh, I'm not a Pro to talk about this and let Mr. Google do the explanation for you.
I might give the wrong info.

For clearer result, here are some of my (fake) HDR images using Photoscape..

The Famous London Tower Bridge

Romantic dream vacation for love birds, Tour Eiffel Paris

Beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland

Amazing sculpture ~ Angel of The North, Gateshead England

The prehistoric monument ~ Stonehenge, England

last but not least..

my favourite photo of all

Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia

Credits to my hubby and his camera for all of these lovely photos
taken from our own journey through out the world

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