Friday, 26 June 2009

5 months old

My adorable Little Teddy is 5 months old ++ now. He..

1. Can sits momentarily without support

"I'm going to fall any second.."

2. Mouth everything within reach (including his baby cot ~ picture below)

"Get me out of here!!"

3. Can rolls over in both directions.

"Ops.. Did I just slipped out from the mattress?"

4. Lunges backward, not forward

5. Blows saliva bubbles (menyembur)

(He's blowing saliva to my face while lunges backward in this video)

5. has been brainwashed everyday to say 'Mommy' during days by me, and 'Daddy' at night by Teddy.

"Stop it Daddy, you are hurting my brain! I will say it when I'm ready.."

6. has strangers anxiety only if he could not see me or Teddy around.

"I want Mommy!!"

7. loves to arch his back

"You can't do this right Mommy, can you?"

8. still exclusively breastfeeding (directly) and rejects bottles.

9. has not started eating semi-solid foods

10. getting more adorable than ever!

Photos of the day

"Yo!! Yo!! What's up man.."

Now let's Zoom out further..


update : congrats to Valentino ROSSI for his 100th victory!!!

13 stalker (s):

  • Nur

    Sis, sukeeeenye tgk die geget baby cot tu! Nampak tembam btl pipi tu rasa nak geget2 je :D breastfeeding sampai dia dah taknak, thats good for him taw. cepat cerdik nnt compared to susu tepung

  • Mrs Izha

    Comelnya anak awak..banyak rupa ayah dia la..
    anyway thanks jenguk blog saya..

  • Pinky Angel

    Yep.. you are right! Baby yg minum susu ibu ni cerdik2 belaka. hehe

    Mrs Izha,
    Aiseh.. rupa ayah je ke? huhu.. ;p

  • tujuhhariseminggu

    ni yg nak geget nih..

  • fiza

    Cutenya dia...geram tgk body & pipi nya yg gebus :-)

  • Pinky Angel

    geget, jgn tak geget.. hehe

    hehe.. gebus dgn susu ibu

  • Yazid Husain

    wah. semakin aktif

  • Atiqah

    Wah tak tahan tengok aksi sembur menyembur... Nak ciom2 budak comel nih!

  • Pinky Angel

    memang pun.. takleh lepa sket. kang ada tegolek dari katil..

    ciom la..abis muka ko kena air liur dia nnti. hehe..

  • dizzyfly

    ahahahaha muke sijibik mak bapak, takleh ckp ape la. tang rambut tu, confirm rambut ayahanda...ha ha ha

  • Pinky Angel

    ni yg buat aku rasa nak perm balik rambut aku nih.. huhuhuu

  • [S]itie [B]Um [B]Um

    gamba second yg gigit kayu tu sebijik mcm muka sinchan. cume kening nipis je. hehe!!

  • Pinky Angel

    muka mcm sin chan ok lagi.. prangai mcm sinchan, pitam mommy dia nnti. hehe

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