Friday, 12 June 2009

Kimi's Little Brothers

Congrats to my dear friends, Mimi Adilla and Annie Suziana for their newborn baby boy. It's amazing how Kimi changes my interest about babies. My nyanyaws (cats) that used to be my babies are now just cats. I'm grateful for that feeling and it is a part of me that made me a woman.

To Mimi,

Congrats on your newborn, Aliff Hazimi (19 May 2009).
Can't wait to see you and that little guy! He sure is as cute as you..

To Annie,

Muhammad Sufyan Hadi (31 May 2009) will grow up to be a handsome young man!

Photos of the day

Newborn baby Kimi, few hours after birth.. (2.9 kg)

..after 4 months ++ (7.1 kg)

"Help, Mommy!! I'm stuck.."

"I'm too sexy for my diapers.."

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