Tuesday, 10 July 2012

15m old ++ Little Lotus

This adorable young lady has her own personality now.

She's funny and will melt everyone's heart with her smiles.
Can says few words and 'mama' is her 1st word. Other than that.. "day" for daddy (used to pronounce it as "di..day".. terbalik. Hehe).. "dah", "nak", "air".. and err.."boboy boi"..
She loves cookies and I love to call her, 'my little eating machine'.

Still puts 2 fingers in her mouth and rub her other hands to my clothes (or any fabric near her including her own) to calm herself/sleep. I found that behaviour is kinda cute.

Understand almost every words and respond to my simple directions like "jom mandi" or "nak makan?" With nods and even tried to undress herself if I mention the word "mandi".
Really2 loves books. She understands and remembers objects in it and applied it in real world. She 'moos' and 'meows' when she saw cows n cats. What a brilliant little girl she is.. make me proud everyday.

Ok, enough for now. Will try to update more about her later.. Meanwhile, Teddy Jr. is a caring big brother and now I can rely on him to take care of his sister. Love both of you so much!

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