Monday, 9 July 2012

Some updates, perhaps? (Langkawi)

Okay, I'm kinda surprise that the 'new post' in blogger is changed to a different new look. How long did I actually take my time to write something? Pinch me please..

I know it's unfair to my beloved Little Lotus since I didn't update her baby milestones achievements like I did previously with Teddy Jr. Having 2 toddlers at home is a real challenge and I need to choose what is more important. To juggle between house chores, kids need, and my own me-time is getting more difficult.

(Hey, stop babbling nonsense or else this thread won't be published at all!)

Photo blogging time!!

22nd June 2012 
LCCT - Langkawi airport.. The arrival.

23rd June 2012
Morning. Twin Peaks Resort.

Around 11 am..  Dataran Lang

3pm ++
Tanjung Rhu Beach (Cloudy after the rain)


7.30pm ++
Restaurant Nelayan

24th June 2012
Pantai Kok & Petronas Quay

Phew.. done!! 

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