Friday, 7 August 2009

6 months old

My Little Teddy will be 7 months old in less than a fortnight but still I owe you his achievements for this month. I will try my best to record every little things he did so that I won't forget this precious moment.

At the moment, he..

1. Lunges forward

2. Started crawling (biggest achievement so far)

3. Babbling more and more baby words (He's babbling words that suspiciously sound like 'abah' & 'ibu' although we taught him to say 'Daddy' & "Mommy'.. What can I say more, made in UK but pure Malay ok?)

4. has started eating semi-solid food. (I heart this Munchkin Grinder so much!)

5. loves his walker

6. has a very high curiosity level that he will grins and jumps with excitements to see new things placed in front of him.

7. started to stand while holding something.

8. sits without support

9. in a major separation anxiety phase

10. develops more emotions and last night his eyes clearly show that he's green with jealousy when I'm holding other baby ;)

I love every moments I spend with him and will never trade this with anything in this world..

I'm a mom.. and I'm proud of being one.

5 stalker (s):

  • lily lotus

    geram tgk his curly hair!

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    like father like son la sis.. hehe

  • Anonymous

    nampaknye saya dpt follow bdk kecik ini dr blog saja la...wawawa

  • Rai

    wahh..kimi da start crawling laa.. semakin chubby pula..bila da ada anak ni rasa masa cepat sangat berlalu kan..nanti sedar2 je anak da nak pegi skola..omg..rasa macam da tua pulak..haha

  • Pinky Angel

    cik dora,
    aiseh..bilala kimi nak jmpa auatie a'an dia ni. saya juga mau kimchi.. adakah suda basi?huhu

    owh..dah kurang kechubbian sbb ganas sgt skang ni. ssh sgt nak susukan dia. mkn pun nyembur2 kat muka mommy dia.

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