Saturday, 6 February 2010


At first I want to blog about something..
Something that I wasn't sure either I can still remember it or not

but then I saw somebody online at my YM

It's Elly!

My dear old mate

We had a long conversation..
about life, about phone, camera.. about everything

and she just end our conversation
..and said Good nite

and that little conversation
means a lot to me

Thank you, dear friend
You mean a lot to me

I love you so much!

..and Happy belated birthday to you..

6 stalker (s):

  • elly

    dear my friend,
    Yeahh... suddenly u pop up in my window or else we never had a good time like last nite. Thanks my friend...and u know ur always in my heart. luv u too..muahh

  • tujuhhariseminggu

    owh, i igtkan i td.. he3... <--- sambil tersipu2 malu... :)

  • E.d.Y

    jumpe member lama mmg best sngt2

  • Pinky Angel

    u'll always be that special person in my life.. love u, girl!!

    xperlu malu sbb anda juga kawan istimewa saya. tp sbb anda bkn sejantina, saya xleh mau lbh2, nnti incek Teddy kesayangan saya jeles. sekian. hehe

    betul3! bak kata ipin..

  • fawwa

    heheh true. when life is too much for us too handle, there's always angels to revive us, that is - our friends :)

    ps: aku ada blog lain, ko dah tau ke ek?

  • Pinky Angel

    Aku tau.. tp aku xsmpt nk bookmark aritu. nk cari blk dlm email xlrt. nnt mail aku link baru okeh?

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