Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blog conversion

From now on, I would like to announce that I want to convert my blog to Bahasa Melayu.

Hopefully I will be able to write it fully in Malay as I always find it very hard to accomplish that.

The reason?

1. I'm proud to be a Malay and my own language is unique and beautiful in it's own way.
2. I can express myself more freely and honest as my mind is speaking in Malay, not English.
3. It's a challenge for me!! True enough because it is not easy to write or blog fully in proper Bahasa Melayu without being too formal.

My older post during my blog's early years was in Bahasa Melayu and mixed with English.
I found it a little bit childish with 'Mat rempit elements' here and there. <-- this only apply to my OWN blog post only.
Maybe I'm just too old to write that way since it doesn't seem to show my maturity.

Not to offend anyone because it's perfectly normal to write that way since our daily language is spoken like that ~ Malay with a little bit of English or what we name it as 'Bahasa Rojak'..

that's why I choose to write in English though I can assure you that my English is not good and broken grammar can be found everywhere.

so tell me, how many of you (Malay) say..

"Saya cintakan awak" instead of "I love you" to your loved ones?
"Saya minta maaf" instead of "I am sorry" when you did something wrong?
"Terima kasih" instead of "Thanks"..

..if you did say those 3 sentences in your daily basis you deserve a huge compliment from me.
Honestly, sometimes there are words in Malay are hard to be said out loud and we prefer it in English.
Not sure why

I am just a beginner and will need some practice and help from you (my dear readers) to improve my writing.
Do take note that there are always room for me to learn and I will be more than happy for any feedback

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