Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Kuching, Sarawak. (Day 2)

Day 2 - 17 January 2011.

We went out to explore Kuching City Center.
Starting from the hotel,
we went down to the waterfront
and straight to the left..

Enjoying the scenery by the river..
We had a good look of the little boat that we took the night before..
Took some pictures (of course!)

The best way to explore one place is by foot.
The weather was fine,
although it was a bit gloomy with some drizzle..
Better than a hot sunny day that might drain out our energy quickly.

We walked past some old buildings and monuments
Fort Margherita (police museum), Astana and Square Tower
along the riverside.

Across the road (left hand side) is the main bazaar
where you can find a lot of souvenir, Sarawak layer cakes stalls..
Gambir Sarawak (Malaysian viagra? hehe..)
and some exotic wood works.

We went straight along Jalan Gambir and turn left
along Jalan Power to go to India street.

There were a lot of shop lots selling garments and textiles
along the road.

Had our lunch and our Teddy Jr. fell asleep.

Continue our journey after he woke up.
We walked and walked around the town until
we reached the Sarawak Museum.
Unfortunately we were too late by that time.
It's already closed (after 4.30 pm).

I can say it was quite far from our hotel
around 17-25 minutes walking distance.
Didn't really matter since we're enjoying
the beautiful scenery and environment.

We passed by the main bazaar
along our way back to hotel.
Had some good time exploring the souvenir sold there,
bought the Sarawak layer cake,
and Tebaloi - traditional Sarawak's snack made from sago.

.Dinner time.

We took the boat again to cross the river.
Tried 'mee kolok' and 'Milo Dinosour' for drink.

4 stalker (s):

  • SurayaHarris

    bestnya mee kolok.aku tak lepas lagi ke Kuching..berapa jam eh naik flight?Sat gi melasak lak si masam aku ke kokpit pilot..hahaa

    ps:baby bump mana?nak tengok..babe, jom jumpa this weekend?aku nak pg tgk I city..available?

  • Queen

    waaahh...nik rasa pisa na sanggup amik motor sewa..takmoh jalan...takmoohh

  • lily lotus

    rajin betul u jalan kaki. bagus2 :)

  • Pinky Angel

    kimi dah 3x naik kapal terbang, insya allah ok je semua. takde la si bujang ko nak melasak sgt kot. mesti dia kagum explore mcm2 kat dlm kpl terbang tu..

    baby bump ada letak gmbr kt previous post. i city? mcm menarik. apa2 hal roger aku k? aku ada nk kena jmpa org weken ni tp kalo tak clash bole kot kita kuar.. :)

    hahaha.. x suh pun u jalan. naik la apa2 transport. kitorang mmg slalu kalo dekat2 je tmpt tu prefer jln kaki. luas sket pemandangan.

    sis lily,
    bukan jln direct terus pun. ada benti2 utk mkn, rehat n window shopping tepi2 jln tu..

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