Saturday, 29 January 2011

Kuching, Sarawak. (Day 1)

Day 1 - 16 January 2011.

Departure : 0945 am.

Arrived at Kuching International Airport around 1130am ++.
Lunch and took a shuttle (RM9.90 per person) to Tune Hotel..
An affordable hotel that only cost us RM84 for 3 days and 2 nights.

Our Teddy Jr. was not feeling very well that day.
We let him to rest and took some nap at the hotel.
Small little room but just enough for the 3 of us.
While waiting for him to wake up..

It was already dark when he woke up.
We went out for some food hunting.

We went down for a short walk in front of our hotel.
Luckily, Tune Hotel is located in the heart of Kuching City Center.
We went straight to Kuching Waterfront,
took a small boat to cross the river.
Normally it will cost you RM0.40 per person
and RM1 after 9pm.
(Not really sure the actual price
since we paid RM1/person before 9pm that time..)

There were 2 food courts selling all kind of foods across the river.
I was told that you can also get the delicious, famous Sarawak layer cake there.
I tried the 'Teh C' for drinks and Laksa Sarawak to fill in my empty stomach.
Love both of them!! Yummy..

Across the river..

Inside the boat..

At the Waterfront..

In front of Tune Hotel, Kuching. be continue..

5 stalker (s):

  • Mimi2104

    bestnya berjalan2..jalan sokmonyer...

  • Pinky Angel

    ala.. ak dah lama beli tiket kpl terbang tu masa promo air asia.. tahun lps kot. alang2 dah beli, rugi lak kalo xgi jenjalan kan? hehe.. jenjln dikala pokai.

  • E.d.Y tu g jalan2..ada ole2 tak?huhu

  • Queen

    great...tulis lagi sebab i akan kesana on may...

    rasanya tummy macam u jugak..hahahahahaha

    btw..u tempahtune hotel sekali masa book tiket atau sesudah tu?

  • Pinky Angel

    ala.. jln2 dekat msia je.. ole2 ada tinggal ikan terubuk masin. mau? hehe..

    owh.. time tu u preggy brp mggu? kalo 28 weeks ke atas kena ada surat doctor utk naik flight. I dah 28 weeks time pegi aritu, tp sbb I tipu2 sket ckp br 26 mggu. hehehehe..

    tune hotel i tempah time nak pegi tu je. tggu la promo, sama mcm promo flight. bilik hotelnye kecik, tp i tak kesah. asal bole rehat n tdo. tujuan utama nak jln2. bkn nak dok hotel 24jam. hehe

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