Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New year!

Today is the 1st day of 2011.
01.01.11 .. Nice number, huh?

I haven't list down my new year's resolutions.
I guess maybe I'll do it later.

(Some summary for 2010)

Last year was a good year for me.
A lot of things to remember.
Thanks to you, my dear Diary.
You made it easier for me.

I managed to achieve my goals for 2010.
Remember my 2 missions for 2010?

My 1st mission..
..about the 2 secret projects.

The 1st project was to realize
my crazy childhood dream
of becoming a princess.
I want to wear a sparkling tiara and
beautiful, off shoulder, white gown.
I did share it with you, here and here.

Due to some circumstances,
I didn't get the chance to realize the 2nd secret project.
To be postponed until don't-know-when..

My 2nd mission.. lose some weight.

Yes, I did manage to lose few kg last year.
Around 10 kg +/-
..but now I'm slowly gaining weight back due to this pregnancy.

There were 2 big things happen to me last year.

1st - Of course, I'm expecting my 2nd baby..

2nd - New home!

Hope 2011 will bring me more joy and new hopes.

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