Friday, 7 January 2011

Another DIY project

We have 3 guest rooms in our new home.
Luckily my sister in law, Kak Nitce 
gave us 2 of her used queen sized mattresses.
It's more than enough to fill in the rooms.

Last week Teddy made another DIY project.
It's a bed frame for the mattress.

Now please envy me because 
I have these 2 very sexy handymen in my home :p

Kimi's toolbox

Time for some Quality Check..

2 stalker (s):

  • lily lotus

    kimi! nak pinjam toolbox boleh? hihihi..mmg mcgyver habislah ur 2 heroes

  • Pinky Angel

    tiap ari main benda tu. dia panggil drill tu 'bing-bing'. hehe.. pastu paksa mommy dia bing-bing skali. adoilaa.. hehe

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