Tuesday, 23 December 2008

1st Anniversary & others

I hate to skip my stories but laziness seems like celebrating its victory. I don't want to forget any important details of my life, especially all the interesting journey through out this year. It's almost new year 2009 but my story is still 'hanging' around September 2008.

Let me just highlight some important details and summarize it into photo blogging. Easier for me to remember. Hey, photo speaks louder than words right?

15 September 2008

Our last day in the UK

16 September 2008

1 day transit in Dubai. Hot + burning + exhausting day since we're fasting that time.

1~4 October 2008.

Aidilfitri 2008

No new baju kurung for me. I'm having a hard time struggling to wear the clothes that fit my growing baby bump. I end up borrowing my mother's loose baju kurung.

Did you watch me in Majalah 3 for Raya edition? I didn't. It was aired on the 4th day of raya, 4th October 2008. Click here for online version. (Majalah 3/episode 39/4 Oktober 08 - part 3). Unfortunately, you have to register first to watch it. Don't click the link if you are not motivated to do so.

Not only that, our picture was also out in the paper, Utusan Malaysia for the 'Salam Perantauan' section. hahaha.. Gila glamour right? Click here to see it.

2, 11 and 18 October 2008

Congratulations to the newly wed couples..

My dear childhood friend ~ Yati & Jebid (2 October 2008). She was so gorgeous that day and have my eyes green with jealousy on her pretty wedding dress. With that slim figure, she can absolutely wears anything and still look amazing with or without make up.

My beloved friend, Ayuni & Zaki (used to be my ex. hurmm?? hehe..) on the 11th of October 2008. Yes, we have a very unique and special relationship. We were big-time enemies at first but then became closer as we knew each other. How can you hate a person with a lovely character like hers? Trust me, you can't.

My cute panda lovers friend, Rudiah & partner (sorry dear, I didn't remember your hubby's name) on 18 October 2008. She needs to believe me that she looks sweeter without the specs and no dear.. your face didn't look 'tembam' at all without them.

15 November 2008

Finally, a new home! We rent a small apartment somewhere in Puchong. At first we plan to buy a perfect & cozy house for our small family but after considering the downtime of the world economy now, we postpone it for next time.

Thanks to A'an, Angah & Lily for visiting us at our new home. (20 December 2008)


..Other important updates..

The nyanyaw(s)

They are more happier and healthy under my mom's supervision. My mom really loves them and they have become a part of our family.

Our little one


It's time for a countdown.. We are doing well. I'm lucky that I don't have any swollen feet or waddling my way through out the street. Back pain is common but not so torturing. I can still bear with it. Itchiness and stretch mark are the biggest problems. I have used up bottles of lotions, cocoa butters and baby oils but still can't really solve the problems. I just have to pray for God to have more mercy on my skin.

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in life. It might occurs few times for the lucky ones but we will never know when or how. Since I can't freeze the time, I want to do something to capture this moment as a part of my journey through life's souvenir. I wanted to do a 3D or 4D scan but it's already too late. It must been done before week 32 or it will be almost impossible to view the baby since it's got too big and cramping your tummy. Another choice is making a belly casting but I'm not sure about this idea since I will find it disturbing and catching dust at home. I prefer a simple, modern home with less deco. No flowers or big, carved furniture.

The perfect solution is doing home made pregnancy portraits. Home studio. No DSLR or any special lighting effect. I'm more than satisfied and happy with the results.

..The Marriage..

Yesterday was our 1st Anniversary!

We have a romantic candle light dinner at home and Teddy bought a lovely bouquet of flowers for me.

(22 December '07~22 December '08)

To my beloved hubby @ Teddy..

Thank you for always being there for me

.. and always telling me how beautiful I am
.. and telling me the girl next to our table is fatter than me
(even though I know mostly it's a lie)

.. and open up the car's window quickly when you fart
.. and comfort me with your smiles
.. and hug me when I'm cold
.. and stand up my cooking
.. and laugh at my stupid jokes
.. and picking up the rubbish
.. and do the laundry
.. and kiss me at my forehead every night before I fall asleep
.. and make me happy everyday
.. and etc. etc. etc.

.. and I'm glad you are my husband. I love you so much!!

Happy 1st Anniversary..

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  • Yazid Husain


  • Joy

    Best wishes on your anniversary, and many more to come! Your time in Britain was indeed very short, but filled with happy memories.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Happy holidays!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  • lily lotus

    congrates dear! 'm hepi for u..tgh countdown laa ni ekk..semoga sumenya slmt..anyway umah kita in one arealah..'m staying in bdr kinrara puchong..leh laa meet up! i nak tgk ur baby yg kompem comel loteh..hikss..take care ;)

  • Pinky Angel

    congrats on your engagement too!


    lily lotus
    Thanks for your wishes and prayer. aminn.. Orang Puchong? Berjiran la kita rupanya. hehe..Kalo agak2 terserempak kat Tesco Puchong/IOI mall tu tegur2 la ye? hehe.. U 2, take care!

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