Thursday, 22 June 2006


it's been a month since my last post. Terpaksa halau tikus2 yg berkeliaran, dah buat sarang kat blog ni.

I've been very2 bz lately.. deciding which way I have to go. Which direction.. my future, my own complicated life.

I almost lost my mind, keep on thinking.. think, and think.. everywhere, every mins, every secs every day.. met with another road accident (don't worry, tak parah sangat pun), sacrifice my social life, didn't stay up late to watch FIFA + hang out with friends @ mapley, forgot to take my dinner, terjaga hampir every 1 hour tiap malam worrying about nothing.. can't really focus what I'm doing

yeah.. I'm not the only one going trough this 'things'.. Dunno what happen here.. (blog world). Tsunami maybe. or maybe.. it's normal here. sign up in, then get the bloginson syndrome.. (blog every day, check how much comments u get, blog hoping, learn HTML etc.) after a few moments.. 3-4 monts, (maybe longer) lost interest/dilanda tsunami/ get into a fight with another blogger/ been very busy.. u know what happen. No more blog. "goodbye everyone, i'm closing this blog" or maybe senyap without any reply or updates.

There you go.

" hikayat blogger yang kecundang di tengah jalan.."

I think I don't have to list down siapa mereka2 ni. Just click on my 'Links' at my page and u'll find only 10-20% of them are still 'alive'.

Happy blogging everyone. Once a blogger always a blogger. U don't blog but I'm sure U read our blog. Keep in touch everyone. Take care

6 stalker (s):

  • Lizzam

    don't worry girl...I'm still Here

  • mental muz

    r u one of them? i know 2 of them, nina and suti. muahahaha

  • lensman

    adeh...blogger kecundang. don't tell me u're kecundang too. tak best laaaa.....

  • hazman

    tik..tok..tik..tok..clock is matter how busy life some moment for a sweet thought....
    take care my dear frenzz...may God bless u safely cik ilyana yer..focusss

  • aan

    uit, eksiden ke? bwk moto lek lok sket. blog yg kecundang? huhu...ko jgn lupa aku dah tukar blog plak..
    tukar2 la kat link ko tu...kekeke..
    glad ko dah lik kajang...yabedabedu =D

  • pinky angel

    where? where?? i can't c u..hehe..

    mental muz
    no lah beb.malas nak memblog since kehilangan mmbr2 seperjuangan. =p

    tak, bz je. kang free org blog la..kalo tak pun, tolong blog kan bole??hehe

    thanx..i'll tell the komuters' driver to drive safely.yeah, u too..take care

    alaa..malas sesangat nak tukar link tu.tukarkan bole?hehe..
    bile nak blanje?? bile?? bile???

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