Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Langit mendung

yeah..right guys. Langit tak selalunya cerah. Hari ni langit nampak mendung. Macam hati aku. I should have take the highway..faster is better. ..but then.. the only road for me just that small kampung road. Better be more careful. Nanti terlanggar ayam kampung lagi. Have to stop so many times.. increase the delays. They just want me to arrive there faster. They never know what holding me back here. Yes, there are options for me to speed up but I'm afraid I will get lost.

Hope my feet are still strong to walk trough my journey. Hope my heart will continue beating although sometimes I forgot to breath.

Not to forget, condolence to my dearest nina for her lost. Al-Fatihah to her mom..

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