Tuesday, 12 December 2006

A1GP & Pinky AnGeL

Dear diary,

You've missed so many important events lately.. I am sorry that I don't have the time to tell you my story everyday just like before. I have forgotten some of the important dates and lost some of my precious pictures.

F1 this season has completed last October but I didn't blog about it because my Kimi didn't won any race. His highest achievement was 2nd place (Italy & Australia GP). Honestly I'm quite disappointed with him and hope he will do better with Ferrari next season.

To Teddy, please accept the fact that he will be driving Ferrari, not Schumy anymore.. hehe..

24th Nov - I gave Teddy roses for our 'monthly anniversary'. (I never give flowers to any guy before this)

26th Nov - A1 GP @ Sepang circuit. Alex Yoong got the 7th place. It was raining cats and dogs before the race started that day . Teddy was so cute wearing his slipar jepun, 'borrowed' from a mosque at Shah Alam. (ntah bila la nak pulangkan balik tu..hehe)

Date : unknown (November)

atlast.. Thanx to Teddy. Akhirnya, impian ilyana tercapai. hehe.. (no comment. Just view the image below) *wink*wink*

8th & 9th Dec 2006

Congratulations to my dear childhood friend, Juliana for her wedding.. She's so lovely in her green wedding dress (mine would be PINK of course nanti.. hehe..) Met my ex there with his wife. Aku nyuruk masuk bilik pengantin tinggalkan Teddy kat luar teman my mom n sis makan. hehe.. Sorry Teddy!! Hurmm.. what can I say? That guilty feeling is still haunting me. I left him after 2 years relationship for someone else I thought better than him. (That 'someone else' tu pun dah kawen now). No, I don't think it was a mistake after all. I am much-much happier now with Teddy.

almost forgotten something, .. "Time To Change!!! "

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