Monday, 12 February 2007

quick update

Life getting harder. More harder than I have expected before. Yes, I am 1 of the DiGi zens now. u might say that DiGi services are sux, but who cares? as long as I don't have to topup my credit RM10 every week like u do. hahahaa... What post? Don't ask. ..but still I can reach Engineer's monthly salary. (fresh grad eng of course)

Lotsa things happened. No time to update. I bought a new-pink coloured-cute-shiny-clamshell handphone-z610i (after 6 years using my old 3310) last December. Atlast, new handphone. It's really worth it since I got free DiGi staff benefit line. Of course, unlimited GPRS usage that I'm thinking to cut my streamyx line since I can just pluck my phone to my desktop and use it as a modem. Contact me if u r interested to know the required settings. Hahaha...

I have spent all my-last-weekend with so many interesting events. 1 of it, went outing with my beloved-nyomei-teddy- (yg dah gumuk sket) to Butterfly park. Hey.. don't laugh ok? I won't be surprised to know lotsa KL citizens never been to that place.. how many of you have visited KL Tower? Tugu peringatan? not to forget.. bird park? planetarium? all the rombongan sekolah dulu2 punya interesting places to go if we visit KL. Common la guys.. visit Malaysia 2007.

Went to Ulu Yam with Teddy and DiGi zens. ( 28th Jan 2007 ). Really have a great time there. Wanna spent my every little quality time before I get bz wif work. (like I am now).

Got a BIG plan this April. to be continue soon..

2 stalker (s):

  • Lizzam

    tak takut ke ada orang kuning follow u jalan2?

  • pinky angel

    hahahha... i sukee org kuning tu. kiut. atleast kalo jln sorg2 i tau ada org kuning temankan. takla takut sgt. hehe

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