Tuesday, 12 June 2007


" Is it gonna be ok? Will I be sorry for my decision? I hate decision making. If only I can see my future.. "

Ok. Be strong Ilyana. Be responsible for your own decision. Jangan pandang belakang. It's a small company but somehow you know you can go further from there. Think about the benefits. List some of them here..

"yeah, u'r right diary.. ermm.. let me think.."

.. no more working like GROs.. Balik 3-4 am
.. no more working like robots. 10 mins break, 3 times a day only.
.. no more lies
.. no more "sorryla korang.. Takleh join tgk movie. Weekend ni aku keje.."
.. no more " What?!! Raya takleh apply cuti?? "
.. no more " Teddy pegila main paintball ngan diorg. Me keje pagi Ahad depan.."
.. no more stupid question
.. no more ".. I will follow you.." (sob.. sob.. sob.. I will miss the Yellow coverage man for sure!)

..but say yes to something new that waiting me ahead plus.. Sabtu Ahad dah leh gi dating!

One more thing, meet my new housemates, Cuki and Atoi. Thanx Faz.. Love 'em so much!

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