Friday, 9 October 2009

Eid, Wedding & Babies


Happy Eid everyone..

I'm not really in a mood to blog.
Photo blogging can summarize my Eid celebration this year.

Bunga api madness.
Teddy and his brothers yg terkinja-kinja main ngalahkan budak2.. hehe


Congratulations to my dear friend, Ayu for her wedding..

She's my first friend during my first day at school.
I still remember I started our conversation by asking her name.
Congrats Ayu!!
You look so gorgeous in white.
Perfect and flawless make up.
I envy you.

Not to forget, our signature pose for that day..

Wonder what my Little helper did during that day?

"Carpet ni kotorla mommy. Let me change it for you okay?"

"Bunga telur ni nampak senget. Kasi tegak sketla.."

"Okay Mommy.. I'm done! Everything looks perfect now."


We went for a visit to the hospital
Poor baby Sufyan
He's diagnosed for lung infection
I can't bear watching sick babies
Almost shed some tears watching him

Get well soon dear Sufyan
Auntie loves you so much!

Congratulations to Suraya for her newborn,
baby Amir Harris

He's so lovely
So naive..

I'm so in love with this shot
that I stole from her FB (hehe.. Sorry Sue!)

Welcome to the first-time parent's club Sue!
You are allowed to be afraid & make some silly mistakes

Perfect parents are those people
who can give good theories
on how to raise your child
not having any

Little Teddy's milestone

He's 8 months old++


* is strong enough to pull himself to stand while holding onto something *
* picks things up with thumb-finger pincer grabs *
* indicates wants & boredom with gestures *
* is now a bouncing baby *
* passes objects from hand to hand *
* imitates cough & laughs when he hears sneezes/snores *
* is more playful than ever! *

7 stalker (s):

  • lily lotus

    eee kimi!! eee geramnya tgk dia!! huhu..nasiblah klau i tak tahan geram bila jumpa dia..huhu

  • I'm a mum:Sue:

    Tq for puji2 my beloved son..Hope we can meet up and sharing happy moments together again..if Isa kasik kau kuar dgn aku lar...=)

  • JenMarie

    hiyya Yun, Eid Mubarrak & I hope it's not too late. Recv'd tt blog invite but it's expired :/

    Anyways, I'm back here for a mth or so currently. You take care & yeah, tt's a mighty tuffy (ya son I mean) you have there :)


  • Nur

    double chin oo lil teddy ;)

  • Pinky Angel

    sis lily,
    u geram2 kat dia, nnti dia geram balik kat u..abis tudung baju ditarik kang.. hehe

    Insya allah aku dtg jmpa ko and baby harris 1 day nanti kay? Isa no problem punya..;)

    welcome home Jen! Hope u hv a great time there in Singapore. My mighty tuffy son got that figure genetically from his mom (Me!)..huhu

    Begitu juga mommy dia. isk..isk..

  • tujuhhariseminggu

    Yuun, aiyoooo.... pic raya yg kedua tuh... Tajuk pic: Mari Mengenal Warna... Takpun: Team Hijau vs Team Oren... Ehehhehe.. Cute... X saba nak jumpa kimi... Cepat arrangekan... :p

  • Pinky Angel

    hahahaa.. aku sekeh gak pala ko nih..

    nanti aku arrange reunion kita. tp bkn masa terdekat ni la kot. kalender suda full smpi ujung tawun.. huhu..

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