Thursday, 12 November 2009


We went to Genting Highland last Sunday.

Nothing much to do, so we decided to go there. Last minute plan.

Took some pictures of our Little bundle of joy. are some of my favourite shot

Can't believe how fast time flew.
Okay, I know. I overused that phrase.
"How fast time flew.."

From a tiny little newborn baby he grows up to be a charming little boy now.
He's more independent
and it's just a matter of time before he started his first baby steps.



..I'm out of words..
maybe I should just replace it with more pictures

I'm going back to BP tonight


It's not that I hate going back to my home town
I just hate to be separated with the one I love
(No body does, right?)

Teddy is off to Bangkok.. (again??)

Let's pray for his safety

..and he'll get promoted sooner
and get more bonus this year
and more money to spend
and more vacations for us
and etc. etc. etc.

We sure are going to miss him!!

p/s : that's also means no internet for me for 2 weeks!!
(maybe more?)

3 stalker (s):

  • Nur

    LOve first picture!!!! Senyum yg ikhlas tuh. Nnt dah besa, senyum camtuh je sure bikin hati aweks melt :D

  • zura_betty

    mmg comel la cayang nie..! rase cam nak gigit jer..!

  • Pinky Angel

    jgn jd player dahla kan?hehe..

    geget bdk kechik yg nama-aku-susah-nak-igt tu dulu... hehe.. aisy?fayyadh? ke nak pggl aqeel??hehe..

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