Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Finding me

As a SAHM, I'm totally devoted my life to my family. I gave up my social life entirely long time ago after that decisian being made.

It has been 3 years now. Sometimes I feel like losing my self. Losing my mind. I forgot how it feels to be selfish. I forgot how it feels to pamper myself.

Some of my friends are gone. Maybe for good. I am out of league. It's no point to invite someone with 2 small kids to a get together party at a non-baby friendly places. Of course I will say no.

I started to build myself. Collecting pieces of me that being scattered away along the road to success. I struggle to learn new things. Things that will help me to remember that I am still useful to the world. Not just to my family.

It's not easy. The only me-time I got is when both my kids are asleep at night. Panda-looking eyes is my absolute new look.

My new obsession in android world did a great job in helping me to bounce back. I now feel that I'm useful again. Sharing unlimited knowledge and helping others. There are still tons to explore. Please forgive me dear Diary for ignoring you. I won't give up on you either.

3 stalker (s):

  • syafisyifa'

    Ho....lah...leh ja nak clubbing kat umah ngan budak2,on off banyak kali lampu kat umah sambil pasang lagu then joget2 ngan budak2 tu..hihi
    Hoh kamu mmg terer bab android ni, pejah takleh nak menyampuk bab tu sbb satg kena gelak,pejah blur bab nih..hoho.
    Anyway, good luck.

  • Rai

    actually kadang2 saya pun pk yg saya sbg working mom pun takde la baik sangat..weekend still takde life dgn kawan2..hari kerja pun just pergi kerja dan takde nak wengweng ke mana2..lunch pun kat meja sendiri..haha..saya ni anti social kot..

    jgn la susah ati yana..nanti kita clubbing bawak anak2 kat mcd ke picnic kat tasik tu ke ok..hehe..

  • Pinky Angel

    kan? hehe.. tp saya tak repi ipad :p

    working mom atleast kluar jugak dari rumah n bersosial ngan kwn2 keje. ni dah 3thn++ tak kuar g tgk movie. masih lg tak tercapai hasrat nan 1 tu.

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